Tattoo Removal Results… here are some of ours!

Fun fact: We’re obsessed with proof! We save every photo from every tattoo removal treatment that has ever been done!!! We could tell you why we’re your best option for quality laser tattoo removal—but we’d rather show you. Check out our before and after tattoo removal gallery of real tattoo removal client results before and after their services.

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Work with your clients to partially remove tattoos they no longer love so you can cover them with new tattoo designs. Boost your business and offer industry leading tattoo removal service to your clients.

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Our fully certified and experienced laser tattoo removal professionals use the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology in the industry. Guaranteeing superior tattoo removal results and experiences during each and every visit.

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  • Christine’s Story

    “Most people see tattoo removal as a painful, terrible experience. While tattoo removal is a little on the painful side, it only lasts for a couple of seconds depending on the size of your tattoo. But everyone here is fantastic throughout the whole process.”

  • Jenna’s Story

    “I love watching the progression of it. Last time I was here I even asked to look at my photos. Sometimes when you’re staring at something every day, you don’t always notice that it’s going away. One thing I’m very excited about, now that I’m not scared of lasers, is trying the skincare treatments at The Finery.”

  • Jose’s Story

    “I found myself wanting winter to come so I could hide my tattoo. It was just not something I liked. Then, I talked to coworker who had his tattoo removed at The Finery and it looked amazing. I saw their positive reviews, so I decided to take the leap.”

  • Evan Olin

    “Laser tattoo removal technology is offering opportunities to lighten and cover–when people first get tattoos, they get really excited and get covered in garbage right off the bat, then want to go back and fix it – The Finery provides this option.”

    – Evan Olin, Powerline Tattoo