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John Devito is a Boston-based tattoo artist who specializes in black and white realism. He currently works at Boston Barber and Tattoo Co. in Boston’s North End.

According to John, laser tattoo removal has “completely changed the game” for tattoo artists.

Generally cover-up tattoos will be larger (up to 30%) than the original one and may require a few touch- up sessions to complete the work. The new ink in a cover-up tattoo blends with the existing ink to create a new color, and the darker color often dominates.

Contrary to popular belief, a cover-up is more complicated than simply inserting new ink on top of old ink. Instead, a tattoo artist has to combine different skills, including color blending, shading, detailing, and depth of color to create a tattoo cover-up.
As such, a tattoo that is faded, lighter, or smaller can be covered up more effectively than one that is larger or has darker ink.
That’s where we come in!


John is an Artist Affiliate in our referral programThe Referral Program allows tattoo artists and shop owners to partner with tattoo removal experts. We work with over 1,300 artists and tattoo studios in the Northeast to offer custom laser fading. We work with clients and artists to fade targeted areas so clients can get the tattoo they want, not the tattoo that will cover the one they have.



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