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Fading old tattoos to make room for new…

Getting a tattoo coverup

Have you ever wondered “Can you get a new tattoo over a removed one? or, Can you get a new tattoo after laser tattoo removal?” Will Smith did, so he consulted his tattoo artist and The Finery Boston. The short answer is:

YES, tattoo artists can tattoo over an area that has been treated with laser.

Tattoo Collector Profile: Will Smith

Will Smiths Tattoo Removal | Collectors Journey

Will Smith is one of our oldest Boston tattoo removal clients, The Finery continually works with Will and his artist Luke Palan to edit and develop Wills tattoo collection. The most common question that we hear when folks ask about covering lasered skin, “Why cover up a tattoo after laser?” The answer is dependent on the tattoo and concept and client. Some clients say that tattoo placement, size, or tattoo design limitations can restrict the tattoo artist and overall tattoo outcome.

For Will, Luke Palan’s black and grey tattoo style required Wills tattoos to be removed almost entirely before they could get started on the new tattoo design. Wills tattoos are more of a collaboration between the tattoo artist and client, rather than arriving with a concept and having Luke start to tattoo. Will and Luke work together to rework and adjust the existing tattoos and new ones to create one cohesive outcome.

What is laser tattoo removal?

How can I remove my tattoo for a tattoo coverup?

To date laser tattoo removal the safest most effective way to fade and remove tattoo art. While there are alternative tattoo removal methods, laser tattoo removal is the only method that leaves the skin intact enough for a tattoo cover-up. The reason? Tattoo Removal simply breaks down the ink particle into small enough pieces for the body to naturally absorb and eliminate. Other methods cause the ink to raise up through the surface of the skin in an open wound and scab. For a coverup tattoo, skin integrity is important. If the skin is compromised the new tattoo design may need to be altered.

How many tattoo removal sessions will I need Before I get a coverup?

Laser tattoo removal takes multiple sessions before clients can return to getting tattooed. On average, our clients need three sessions of the laser before they can start a coverup. depending on the tattoo ink density tattoo removal could take less time, cloud tattoos with minimal ink could take as little as one session where tribal tattoos could take more than three.

How long do I wait before getting tattooed after laser?

Clients at The Finery Boston are encouraged to wait for a minimum of six to eight weeks before getting a new tattoo. It is often better to wait for as long as you can before being tattooed again. You should have no visible or physical signs of irritation, no swelling, blistering or redness around the treated area.

Black and Grey Sleeve Tattoo

Tattoo NO.1

When Will first started working with us in Boston he started by fading a tattoo he had on his shoulder to make room to start a full sleeve tattoo.

The old tattoo was where the clock is on the new design. Without fading the old tattoo it is likely that the new design would have been altered.

Picosure Tattoo Removal

The original shoulder tattoo was treated with the Picosure and Revlite SI lasers four times. This tattoo was a challenge to remove because of the scar tissue left behind from the application of the original tattoo.

The black ink was targeted using the 1064 wavelength of the Revlite SI, in later sessions, we used the 755 Picosure.

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