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We had the opportunity to interview client Dan Sherlock and tattoo artist Mark Wade at LOVE Machine in NYC!

When Dan first considered removing his 20 year old half sleeve he looked into surgical excision. Excision is a more invasive method of tattoo removal. In this process, a dermatological surgeon removes the tattoo with a scalpel and closes the wound with stitches.

After learning that The Finery had a mobile unit stop near his home, Dan decided to learn more about and eventually pursue laser tattoo removal. He began his tattoo removal process in July of 2018. His original tattoo was a mix of black shading and blue, purple, orange and yellow colorwork. Our team estimated 2-4 sessions to fade enough for a cover-up.

Dan’s tattoo presented its own advantages and challenges during laser tattoo removal.
One advantage was all of the black and grey shading. Since shading is light and not dense by nature, the lasers broke up the ink very efficiently and the body clears the ink quickly.
One challenge was the color in Dan’s tattoo. Yellows and oranges can be easily treated on his skin type (Fitzpatrick Skin Type 1). However purple and blue ink can be stubborn. Both require a 755 wavelength from a Picosecond machine and multiple sessions.

About 6 months after he began removing his tattoos, Dan was introduced to Mark Wade. Mark is a tattoo artist based in NYC. He specializes in realism and is best known for his detailed floral work. Mark and Dan decided on a full sleeve design that incorporated flowers (for Dan’s wife) and dragons to represent his children and their personalities.

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