The Finery: Guarantee

The Laser Tattoo Removal Guarantee

We will remove your tattoo within the no. of sessions quoted. If not, the remaining sessions are on us. 

The Finery is a family business, we stand behind our craft. We guarantee your tattoo is removed in the number of sessions we estimate or you get free tattoo removal sessions for one year.

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The Finery Tattoo removal guarantee

tattoo removal evaluation

Every client no matter what the desired outcome (full tattoo removal or fading) begins the tattoo removal process by reviewing the tattoo and medical history with a laser specialist during a free consultation. Once evaluated the tattoo is given an estimated number of tattoo removal sessions for complete removal.

Tattoo removal price

Tattoo removal cost is determined by the size and number of sessions. Tattoo removal clients considering full tattoo removal find that the guarantee offers peace of mind and is the most financially advantageous. Tattoo removal clients interested in fading tattoos for a coverup opt to pay per session and forgo the tattoo removal guarantee.

Size and number of tattoo removal treatments

Using proprietary Ink Calculation Tool built on multiwavelength Picosecond technology, years of experience, surgeon expertise and tattoo trade knowhow. We evaluate medical history, lifestyle, overall health along with ink type, depth and tattoo density. The Tattoo removal ink calculation tool accurately projects how many tattoo removal treatments the desired results will take and how much it will cost.

Tattoo removal payment options

Clients interested in full tattoo removal are encouraged to pick from two payment options.

1. PAY in full

Clients who opt to pay in full for the total number of tattoo removal sessions estimated will receive the value of one monthly payment towards the purchase price of the full tattoo removal price. Clients who pay in full for a complete tattoo removal package are eligible for the tattoo removal guarantee.

2. Monthly payment plan

The Finery offers affordable tattoo removal payment options and interest-free financing for clients interested in completely removing a tattoo. After we evaluate your tattoo and determine the number of treatments the tattoo will take to remove. Clients have the option to break up payments monthly over the course of sessions. committing to The Finery interest-free financing payment option grants clients eligibility to the full tattoo removal guarantee.

3. Pay as you go

Clients interested in full tattoo removal who chose to pay per treatment using either Picosure or our Revlite, Studio, Spectra (Nanosecond) technology are ineligible for The Finery Tattoo Removal Guarantee. Clients chose to pay per treatment when fading a tattoo for a coverup tattoo or when removal will not take more than 2-4 treatments.

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  • Camilla’s Story

    “The evening after my treatment my face looked and felt so much better. The next day it was glorious! My skin looked tight, my pores were super tiny, and my acne dried up. Even some irregularities and unevenness was pretty much gone. I think I look five years younger. I’ll definitely be doing it again next month.”

  • Sara’s Story

    “I could notice, even a day after, that my skin was smoother.”

  • Jaime’s Story

    “I believe The Finery helped me to succeed in my professional career. Being an architect, I want people to look at me and know that I know what I’m talking about, without prejudging me. It helped give me the confidence to be out there and have people listen to me.”

  • Dana’s Story

    “You walk in and they tell you that they’ll be right with you–you never wait. Immediately after you get the laser you sit with ice for ten minutes until they check on how you’re doing. I’m back at work not even 20 minutes later.”

Picosure Laser Tattoo Removal

The Finery Tattoo removal Protocol

Over 100,000 Successful tattoo removal sessions performed

We have more Picosecond mixed wavelength tattoo removal experience than anyone around. It is likely that our protocol will remove your tattoo within 8-10 treatments. We’re so confident in our results if we miss the mark it’s on us; you will receive treatments for a year for free!

The Finery Protocol | Technology

The Finery uses all of the tattoo removal technology at our disposal to remove tattoos as safely and efficiently as possible. Every tattoo removal client is unique, often each client requires the use of multiple wavelengths (1064, 532, 755, 680) fired at varying depths and rates of speed to achieve full tattoo removal.

Our laser tattoo removal platforms allow us to reach every depth and density of ink. The full spectrum of tattoo pigments can be broken down on almost every skin tone.

The Finery Protocol | Tattoo Removal Team

The Finery clinical team is made up of roughly 15 physicians, nurse practitioners, RN’s and highly trained medical estheticians. Every team member is trained and overseen by the clinical director who evaluates and optimizes the protocol with the technicians before every treatment. When you work with the Finery you work with the combined knowledge of all our team members, not one specialist.

The Finery Protocol | Pain management

Tattoo Removal clients appreciate minimal discomfort during tattoo removal treatment. Usually, tattoo removal sessions last less than a minute for the larget pieces up to 4 minutes. Clients chose to ice the local area before treatment and use the cryo cooling Zimmer to continue to chill the tattoo during treatment.

PFD Patches, Lidocaine, and local numbing agents

The Finery Clinical team chooses to forgo the use of local numbing agents. Tattoo removal is fast, the use of local numbing agents prolongs the tattoo removal appointment, in some cases negatively impact the tattoo removal treatment results. Clients who chose to apply numbing agents before tattoo removal treatment are welcome to, however, use is discouraged.


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