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Tattoo Inspiration For Coverup Tattoos

Whether you’re looking for a new tattoo, a coverup tattoo after tattoo removal, or just want to check out some of the coolest tattoos in the world, Instagram is the perfect place for tattoo inspiration. Thousands of tattoo artist post their artwork on Instagram. Discovering new designs and artists is one of the joys of this social platform. Not sure where to start? Here are ten Instagram accounts that will have you craving your next tattoo.

The Finery works directly with tattoo artists in over 30 tattoo shops in the North East to fade and remove old tattoos for coverup tattoos. For more about the artists we work with directly check out our Before and After PageTattoo Removal Before and After Photos.

Top 10 Instagram Profiles for Tattoo Inspiration

Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy

Insta Handle: bangbangnyc

Followers: 1.2 million

A popular New York City-based artist, Keith (also known as Bang Bang) has tattooed big names like Rihanna and Selena Gomez and has plenty of cool tattoo designs on his account. From intricate birds to flowers and highly detailed portraits and animal images, Bang Bang always has something fascinating to look at on his page. In addition to pics of tats, he also frequently talks up other artists’ work and announces guest artists that will be in the studio.


Stephanie Brown Tattoo 

Insta Handle: feralcatbox

Followers: 90,200

Based out of Chicago, Stephanie Brown’s Insta is full of gorgeous lifelike tattoos that revolve around nature. Both full color and black & white flowers, plants, frogs, birds, and snakes fill her page and will have you thinking about putting some nature on your body as well. In addition to images of her finished tattoos, Stephanie also shows works in progress. This makes her page entertaining for those looking to get ink as well as other tattoo artists who want to learn more tricks of the trade.


Brian Woo (Dr. Woo)

Insta Handle: _dr_woo_

Followers: 1.5 million

LA-based Dr. Woo is an artist who uses very thin lines to create his intricate designs and has tattooed celebrities such as Zoe Kravitz and Miley Cyrus. You’ll be amazed at Dr. Woo’s geometric-based animal tats and creative skull designs as well as his innovative designs for necks and heads. His page is a combination of amazing artwork mixed in with videos and shots of his family and lifestyle in the big city.


Sol Tattoo

Insta Handle: soltattoo

Followers: 551,000

The Korean Sol Tattoo page is the perfect page for animal lovers – or anyone who appreciates intricate pieces of body art. There are pics of everything from dainty birds to cats as well as Greek Gods and even vehicles. If you’ve ever considered getting a beloved pet tattooed on your body, this page will make you want it even more. We’re especially fond of the bulldog and grumpy cats. In addition to pics, you’ll also find numerous videos of tattoos being applied.

McKenzie Tattoo 

Insta Handle: mckenzietattooer

Followers: 48,300

UK-based tattoo artist McKenzie specializes in enormous tattoos that cover entire backs, chests, and legs. These black and white tats feature thick lines and intricate patterns that are not for the faint of heart. You’ll see tribal-based full back tattoos, floral patterns that cover models from neck to belly button, and plenty of high-quality hand art.

Lauren Winzer Tattoo 

Insta Handle: laurenwinzer

Followers: 232,000

Lauren Winzer of Hunter and Fox Tattoo is based in Sydney and has tattooed celebs like Post Malone and Katy Perry. Her tattoos range in style, but most are quirky and fun with plenty of inspiration from Disney and Nickelodeon. This is a nice break from some of the darker, more serious works you’ll see on Insta. On her page, you’ll see everything from the Simpsons to a portrait of Dolly Parton along with lots of pics of the colorful artist herself.

Sasha Unisex tattoo

Insta Handle: sashaunisex

Followers: 825,000

You’ll be astounded by Amsterdam-based Sasha Unisex’s stunning tattoos created from flowing blocks of color. She features a lot of different fox tattoos as well as toucans, watercolor flowers, and more. We were most impressed by the whales and the ultra-cool astronaut. Timelapse videos of her creating the art are also abundant and show a true artist at work. She also uses her page to announce events she’s participating in and to do giveaways. And if you want to take a behind-the-scenes peek at a tattoo artist in her free time, you’ll love the many selfies Sasha posts.

Franki Tattoo

Insta Handle: franki_tattoo

Followers: 19,600

You may not be able to read most of Barcelona-based tattoo artist Franki’s posts, but that’s not the point; the images of his black and Grey geometric tattoos speak volumes. He favors tribal designs, skulls, and flowers, and he also announces tour stops (mostly throughout Europe) on his page. His artwork, which tends to favor the dark side, is creepily fantastic. Our faves are the priestess wearing a tiger head and the artist’s dark take on the Statue of Liberty.

Alice Carrier TAttoo

Insta Handle: alicerules

Followers: 126,000

Black & white and full-color tattoos of flowers, vines, and insects fill Portland-based tattoo artist Alice Carrier’s page. Large artwork on the upper arms, forearms, and neck are her specialties. Though flowers make up the majority of her work, you’ll see both male and female models sporting her designs. Her work is lush and detailed and always fun to look at, as are her lifestyle pics, travel photos, and selfies.

Susanne Konig TAttoo

Insta Handle: suflanda

Followers: 368,000

Ever wanted to know what a cat in a teacup emblazoned with the Hogwarts castle would look like as a tattoo? If you look at Manchester-based Susanne Konig’s page, you’ll see that and a whole lot more! One of the most unique artists on this list, Susanne’s whimsical, detailed artwork features everything from a llama drinking champagne to a bear reading a comic book. Her work also includes various animals – such as crocodiles – sitting in a bathtub.


Now that these Insta masters have inspired you to get some new ink, consider freeing up space by finding a Boston tattoo removal shop or searching for tattoo removal in NYC. The Finery has clinics in both cities and would love to help you remove or fade your unwanted tattoo so you can replace it with a coverup tattoo you’ll love.

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