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Our laser tattoo removal technicians at The Finery help people from all walks of life remove their tattoos for a variety of reasons. Thanks to our passion for tattoos, our understanding of the art, and the relationships we have developed with many tattoo artists, we attract many clients who want to fade their old tattoos so they can make room for a coverup. 

Many of our clients are tattoo enthusiasts and collectors who seek out many different styles of tattoos and work with various artists who are experts in those styles. Their goal is to create a clean slate so they can work with renowned artists whom they admire. They trust us because we have extensive experience working with artists to accommodate their needs and keeping the skin as pristine as possible.

For example, our client Chris Gray boasts artwork from some of the most notable artists in the industry. He has been collecting tattoos for the past 10+ years and has had tattoos done by  James Dean, Timmy B, Jesse Rix, Grez, Gian Karl, Tim Hendricks, Rodrigo Souto, Grime, Graham Beech, Mike Wilson, and Luke Ashley.

Chris has been interested in tattoos since he was a young teenager. When he moved to Denver at the age of 25, he had his first sleeve done by James Dean. His most prized piece was created by Timmy B. He now embraces all styles and art that are done well. 

After Chris had a sleeve done by Timmy B, he realized how much better it was compared to his previous tattoos. He realized he didn’t want to have work done on his body unless he was absolutely thrilled with it. He has a few older tattoos done by his friends in the past, and he’s now ready to fade or remove them so he can create a clean slate for some large scale art by Grime, Grez, and more.



Chris came to us to remove a black and grey Japanese geisha tattoo to make room for a coverup that would be done by Grez, a New York City-based tattoo artist who is well-known for his traditional Americana approach.

Black and grey tattoos are typically rather easy to remove because they tend to have plenty of negative space and minimal ink. After just one session, the majority of the grey ink used to create the shading in Chris’s leg tattoo was removed. The dense linework in the geisha’s hand fan and the pagoda tattoo also began to break down. 

However, there was a slight challenge. The dense linework that formed the outline of the tattoo was harder to remove, and its uneven nature made the process unpredictable. As a result, it was difficult for us to forecast the number of sessions needed to fade the tattoo enough for a coverup. 

Thankfully, our NYC location is equipped with multiple 1064-wavelength lasers that work well on black and gray tattoos. For Chris’s goal, which is to fade a light black and grey leg tattoo quickly to make room for a new tattoo, our Lutronic Spectra is the optimal choice.



Whenever possible, we work with the tattoo artist and the client closely from the very start to make sure that they both get exactly what they need for the coverup. 

In Chris’s case, we talked with Grez to learn about his idea for the coverup tattoo and some of the common challenges that he faced in these situations.

“There will always be texture from the pre-existing tattoo, which could change the way you might design something, especially if there is a face involved in the new imagery. I often feel some additional pressure since the person has gone through the process of getting a tattoo they are unhappy with and then going through the laser tattoo removal procedure,” he said.

When we work with clients who plan to get coverup tattoos, we aim to keep the integrity of the skin so they can achieve the best results. We also communicate with the tattoo artists during the course of the treatment and adjust the number of sessions to accommodate their needs.

Most of our clients find that removing or fading an existing tattoo leads to better outcomes when they’re getting a coverup. Most artists also prefer their clients to use laser to fade their old work because they’ll have more options when choosing a new design. In addition, the artists will have more usable space to work with within the existing tattoo.

Working with the tattoo removal experts at the Finery, Chris was able to clear the way for Grez. His new tattoo is a shark-themed Rose of No Man’s Land tattoo. It’s a memorial piece for his nurse friend who passed away.

According to Chris, the result is much better than a “blast over,” during which a tattoo artist just slaps a design over an existing tattoo so the ink underneath still shows through.

Besides being an exquisite piece of art that Chris is very happy about, the tattoo is also meaningful for him. The Rose of No Man’s Land traditionally represents the nurses in World War One who laid their lives on the line to aid wounded soldiers in the trenches. The shark was an addition requested by Chris to reflect his friend’s love for sharks.



As we can see from Chris’s results, fading or removing an old tattoo before getting a coverup can help you achieve the best results. By fading an existing tattoo, you create a clean slate that allows the tattoo artist more creative freedom. In addition, because the artist will spend less time and use less ink on the coverup, you can reduce the cost of the tattoo.

Laser tattoo removal is particularly effective for fading areas that are tough to cover with more ink. You can avoid using an excessive amount of new ink while increasing the range of colors, sizes, and designs you can choose from.

When you get a laser tattoo removal treatment to prepare for a coverup, have the technician work with your tattoo artist to design a treatment plan based on the design of the new tattoo. Their input can help you balance the time and cost to achieve the best outcomes.

Tattoo collectors understand the value of their skin. Like Chris mentioned in one of his conversations with us—we only have one body and one shot at getting the perfect tattoo. 

If you’re planning a tattoo, have it done right the first time. If you’re getting a coverup, getting a laser tattoo removal treatment from a reputable provider is the best way to give the tattoo artist the best possible condition so you can have a tattoo that you’ll be proud to have for the rest of your life.

Here at the Finery, we work with over 1,500 tattoo artists and shops to provide laser tattoo removal treatments to enhance the outcomes of tattoo coverups.

Get a free professional evaluation to see if this treatment is right for you.

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