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What is the most painful spot to have treated?

This totally depends on the person, everyone is slightly different. Areas that are more bony (neck, ankle, finger) will generally hurt more than areas with more fat (arms, thighs, buttocks). Treatments on areas near or on top of joints can also be particularly painful. Read more about laser tattoo removal pain on our blog.


How did you get a job doing laser tattoo removal?

I am a registered nurse, I worked in a hospital setting. I was intrigued by how quickly the industry was growing and decided to apply to The Finery. Every state has different requirements for who can safely and legally operate a laser. Educate yourself on your states requirements and research training programs that fit those requirements. The Finery has developed its own rigorous training program, but a lot of our technicians have also been trained at The Laser Institute.
Interested in a career in laser tattoo removal? Check out our open positions.


Does Laser Tattoo Removal leave a scar?

No! When done correctly by a trained laser technician, laser tattoo removal will not leave a scar. Proper aftercare is equally as important in preventing scarring and adverse reactions.


What tattoos are easiest to remove?

Faded, old tattoos that consist of mostly shading. Older tattoos are often faded because the body has had more time to break down and dispose of the ink. Your body will never be able to completely break down and dispose of a tattoo on its own. Laser tattoo removal helps the process along by breaking the ink into smaller particles.
Shading needles deposit less ink than regular tattoo needles. Less ink generally means a quicker removal.


Where does the ink go?

Ink is broken down into smaller particles. This triggers an immune response. White blood cells then rush to the area, grab ahold of the smaller ink particles, get fed back into the bloodstream and are flushed out of the body through the lymphatic system. Read more about tattoo removal and what factors we consider for removal here.

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