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The Finery Buffalo

Address: 507 Elmwood Avenue
                Buffalo, NY 14222, United States

Phone:    +1 857-284-4800

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· Full spectrum laser tattoo removal
· Pay-as-you-go PicoWay laser tattoo removal
· Traditional laser tattoo removal
· T2 guaranteed tattoo removal packages
· Interest-free tattoo removal financing
· Free tattoo removal consultations
· Family-owned business

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How to Find The Finery Tattoo Removal in Buffalo, NY

The Finery Buffalo is conveniently located in Elmwood Village. We are on the same block as Bank of America next to Blue Mountain Coffees, across the street from Boxstar Training and Thin Man Brewery.


Southtowns (Hamburg, West Seneca, Orchard Park, East Aurora)

-Take Lake St/NY-75 and continue to follow NY-75 (Camp Rd)
-NY-75 becomes Great Lakes Seaway Trail (Skyway)
-Stay straight to go onto (Skyway) Great Lakes Seaway Trail/Delaware Ave/NY-384
-Enter next roundabout and take the 5th exit onto Great Lakes Seaway Trail/Niagara Street
-Turn slight right onto South Elmwood Ave/NY-5 and continue to follow S Elmwood Ave
-#507 is on the right

Northtowns (Niagara Falls, Tonawanda, Kenmore, Amherst)

-Merge onto I-190 S (portions are toll)
-Take the Porter Avenue exit, EXIT 9, toward Fort Erie Can/Peace Bridge
-Turn left onto Porter Ave and pass through one roundabout
-Porter Avenue becomes York Street
-Turn slight right onto Porter Avenue
-Enter next roundabout and take the 2nd exit onto North Street
-Turn left onto Elmwood Ave
-#507 is on the right


The Finery Buffalo does not offer private parking. Street parking on Elmwood Avenue is available in two-hour increments and appointments normally last no longer than an hour. Parking is usually not a problem to find.


Take the bus route 20/ELMWOOD to the corner of West Utica and Elmwood Ave in the heart of Elmwood Village.

Testimonials For The Finery Buffalo

  • The facility is clean, comfortable and inviting. My esthetician, Dustin, was amazing! He is knowledgeable and friendly, explaining the process every step of the way so any anxiety melted away. I was referred thru another provider who had somehow messed up my appointment booking but he was very helpful and accommodating by fitting me into his schedule not only for a consultation but even for a treatment!

    Michelle Kuminski Avatar
    Michelle Kuminski

    Great staff friendly and walks you through the whole process I’d recommend them any day to anyone interested

    Lionel Mendez Avatar
    Lionel Mendez

    Marco and Dustin are AMAZING! My tattoo is gone. I’m so happy. It was quick, not too painful, and definitely affordable. After only a few sessions I am sad to say I won’t have to come back and it’s bittersweet. They’re so nice that I almost want to get another tattoo to come back and see them.

    Katharine O'Neill Avatar
    Katharine O'Neill
  • Went in for a consultation and immediately knew this was a great place for tattoo removal. Talked to Dustin who extremely informative about tattoos, along with the removal process. He was also very personable and made me feel very comfortable through the whole thing. Highly recommended!

    Jeremy Gilbert Avatar
    Jeremy Gilbert

    On a random day I decided I wanted to remove all 4 of my tattoos. I made an appointment and met with Dustin. We talked for awhile about these pretty stamps I have and he was totally honest with how many sessions he believes I would need. He told me I could think about it but after talking and meeting with him I knew I was starting right then and there. The price is incredibly fair in fact much lower then surrounding cities. He explained how it would feel perfectly. I tell everyone I know about Dustin and The Finery... read more

    Ashley Kellerman Avatar
    Ashley Kellerman

    I have a tattoo on my finger I was looking to get removed before my wedding next year, and I’m glad that this was the place I chose to get it done at. Everything was explained to me before it was done which I appreciated! The whole process has been smooth so far and I can’t wait to see the results later on when my tattoo is finally gone. I’d recommend this place to anyone whose looking to get a tattoo removed👍🏼

    William Bateau Avatar
    William Bateau
  • Finally! A brick and mortar tattoo removal studio here in Buffalo, NY and it couldn’t have a better front man than Dustin Ortel! Extremely knowledgeable, a comfortable environment and the best equipment available makes for a great start to the removal process. I personally go here and refer all my clients from my tattoo studio here. Give them a peep if you’re looking for removal or even to lighten your tattoo to open up your cover-up options. Highly recommend.

    James Wisniewski Avatar
    James Wisniewski

    I came to the Finery after a bad tattoo removal experience with a local dermatologist. It was an awful recovery leaving me with multiple scars. The Finery has gone the extra mile to see my skin healed as well as to set up a treatment plan that will minimize any further damage. Dustin has gone to great lengths to take care of me as a customer. I recently had my first treatment with them at the Buffalo office with Emma, and it was wonderful. Very professional and caring. Much better experience with their treatment and recovery. I highly recommend them... read more

    Sara Maciak Avatar
    Sara Maciak

    I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience going to the Finery has been. From the moment I walked into the waiting area I was treated with total professionalism and Emma wasted little time putting me at ease by demonstrating her knowledge of the best option for my Tatoo removal.

    She took the time to explain every detail of the process and I felt her sincere interest in ensuring my complete satisfaction in getting my tattoo removed.

    Knowing they cared enabled me to select the best option and payment plan to complete my procedure. I know I have...
    read more

    Bryce Shipman Avatar
    Bryce Shipman
  • I’ve been getting tattoo removal treatments since spring of 2019 and I am very pleased with the progress. My tattoo is almost gone and I have significantly better results than a professional acquaintance who has been having her tattoo removal treatments through a doctors office. I think the difference is the doctors (Dermotology) office only has one type of laser and the Finery has several different types of lasers to customize your tattoo removal (also it’s cheaper than the doctors office).

    Faith Wendell Avatar
    Faith Wendell

    I have been going for treatment almost a year I have never had an issue AMAZING JOB!! Dustin does a great work! Very friendly people they make you feel comfortable all around 10 star for them 😁😁😁

    Brandi Carner Avatar
    Brandi Carner

    I started my tattoo removal journey with the Finery over a year ago. I have been so pleased with the results! Dustin is so passionate and professional. He talks you through the entire laser process and takes the time to educate you on how it works. He also helps you have realistic expectations about the progress of laser tattoo removal. I’m so glad the Finery has found a permanent place in Buffalo because lord knows there’s a lot of bad tattoos out there to be zapped :)

    Tracey Miller Avatar
    Tracey Miller
  • Awesome staff that truly cares about you and the best treatment to remove your tattoo. Cannot speak highly enough of The Finery. I would recommend anyone who wants their tattoo removed the right way, to visit them.

    Jessica Grotke Avatar
    Jessica Grotke

    Hey my name is Brian, I wanted to say when I first decided I wanted to do tattoo removal I was nervous and worried on how it would feel. I searched up a couple places in buffalo and The Finery just seemed to be the best option so I booked an appointment. The moment I arrived at The finery the customer service was amazing, Dustin introduced himself and asked me if this was my first time going through this and I said yes. Dustin immediately made me comfortable and he told me the first steps of removal and he... read more

    brian favors Avatar
    brian favors

Tattoo Removal Process at The Finery Buffalo


During your initial tattoo removal consultation, a tattoo removal specialist in our Buffalo location will evaluate your tattoo and go over the clinical process in detail. We will review your medical history and examine your tattoo to determine the number of sessions required.

How many tattoo removal sessions will it take?

Typically this depends on your overall health and the make-up of the tattoo. The number of tattoo removal sessions can range from 8-10 to fully remove a tattoo. For clients interested in fading for a cover-up tattoo we estimate 2-4 sessions depending on the artist and cover-up piece. We work directly with a number of tattoo shops across the country and in the Buffalo, NY area specifically, Sink or Swim Tattoo, Divine Machine Tattoo, The Parlor of Buffalo, CowPok Tattoo and many more.

What laser tattoo removal technology should I use? What is Picosecond tattoo removal?

In your initial consultation, you will learn more about our laser equipment and what laser will be best for fading or removing your tattoo. The Finery utilizes two types of cutting-edge Picosecond and nanosecond lasers that work in different ways to break down tattoo ink into particles small enough for your body to reabsorb—no matter what kind of skin type or tattoo type you have.


Buffalo clients appreciate The Finery’s thorough aftercare process and personal follow-ups. After every session, your laser specialist will provide aftercare instructions and check back with you via text to see how you are healing. If you have questions or concerns, we are available via text and phone at 857-214-8310. We also offer handy appointment reminders make re-booking extremely easy with our online booking system.

Read The Finery’s suggested tattoo removal aftercare guidelines >


We are a family company that prides itself on client satisfaction. Qualifying clients will be eligible for our removal guarantee if they commit to a full T2 removal package. If a tattoo is not removed within the number of sessions we quote, clients receive a year of tattoo removal for free.

Learn more about The Finery’s laser tattoo removal guarantee >


Our specialists establish the price of each tattoo removal by measuring the area of saturated ink. To get a sense of how much your own tattoo removal will cost per session before you come visit our Buffalo location, you can request an online evaluation.

Request an online tattoo removal evaluation >


Buffalo tattoo removal clients typically say it’s less painful than getting a tattoo. They find the procedure uncomfortable and describe the feeling similar to having rubber bands snapped on their skin. Laser tattoo removal is fast and most of our treatments take less than a minute.

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