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The Finery NYC

Address: 381 Park Ave S #1123
                New York, NY 10016, United States

Phone:    +1 857-284-4800

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· Full spectrum laser tattoo removal facility
· Pay-as-you-go PicoWay laser tattoo removal
· Traditional laser tattoo removal
· T2 guaranteed tattoo removal packages
· Interest-free tattoo removal financing
· Free tattoo removal consultations
· Family-owned and operated

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How to Find The Finery Tattoo Removal in New York, NY

The Finery New York City is centrally located in Midtown East, on Park Ave South between 26th and 27th Streets. We’re right around the corner from Madison Square Park and Gramercy Park. The front door of our building is located directly to the right of Sarabeth’s restaurant its big and brass; if you go to Dos Caminos you have gone too far.

Clients coming in from Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Queens, and Long Island should have no trouble taking the train in, as Grand Central Station is close by. We’re just steps away from several MTA stops including 28th Street Station and 23rd Street Station. The Queens Midtown Tunnel makes driving convenient for clients coming from points east. There are several options for parking in Midtown.




If you are driving in, god help you.

Clients coming from Williamsburg, Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, and points east in Brooklyn:

· Take the Williamsburg Bridge to 1st Avenue
· Take 1st Avenue to 14th Street West
· From 14th take Park Avenue North
· The Finery is located on the Eastern side of Park Ave S between 26th -27th Streets; a parking garage is available in the vicinity

Clients traveling from Queens and points east in Long Island:

· Navigate to Route 495 to take the Midtown Tunnel or take Queens Boulevard to the Queens Midtown Bridge
· Take Lexington Avenue south to 27thStreet
· The Finery is located on the Eastern side of Park Ave S between 26th and 27th Streets; a parking garage is available in the vicinity

Clients traveling from Hoboken, Wehawken, Union City, and points west:

· The most direct route is to take Route 495 East to the Lincoln Tunnel to 34th Street East
· From 34th Street East turn right onto to Park Avenue South
· The Finery is located on the Eastern side of Park Ave S between 26th and 27th Streets; a parking garage is available in the vicinity


The Finery New York City does not offer private parking. Parking on 28th Street is all commercial (3-hour limit); Park Ave is also commercial vehicle parking only. The Park Right parking garage is closest, at 39 E 29th Street.


The closest NYC Subway stop is only one block away, on 28th Street (6 Train). If you have no patience for the local 6, we are an easy 15-minute walk from Union Square, Flatiron building and Grand Central Station, and an even easier 10-minute walk from Broadway and 23rd Street.

Testimonials For The Finery NYC

  • I loved coming to the finery for my tattoo removal! The staff is warm, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. I love that they follow up with the service as well as keep you updated on your progress with great pictures. I always trust them to do what’s best with my skin, and it really pays off! Speaking of pay, while the price is a tad expensive, you’re avoiding scarring and other damage. TRUST THE COST— TRUST THE PROCESS. Honestly very happy with everything all around. Would recommended 11/10 times.

    Sarah B Avatar
    Sarah B

    I came in here two years ago with a tattoo that I was ashamed of. The Finery helped me in my pursuit to erase that mistake. It took a some time, but my tattoo is finally gone. I had my doubts going into it, but the process does work. The Finery's prices are competitive, they are always accommodating, and very easy to schedule appointments with. The amount of experience they have cannot be surpassed anywhere else in the city. I'd recommend to anyone curious in getting rid of a tattoo.

    Jeffrey N. Emiliani Avatar
    Jeffrey N. Emiliani

    I have traveled into the city from NJ for all my treatments at The Finery after extensively researching different facilities. It is so worth the trip, I have never had a bad experience. My schedule can be really tricky and the front desk and social media coordinator are SUPER accommodating and thorough. I have had several different technicians work on my tattoo removal and they are all knowledgeable and make it as comfortable as possible. The price point, treatments, staff, and location cleanliness are huge reasons why I make the trip!

    MCEverheart Mikki Avatar
    MCEverheart Mikki
  • I couldn't be more thrilled with the exceptional care I've received at the Finery! Maia was amazing on my recent visit, and the results on my 20-plus-year-old heavily inked tattoo in only two sittings are just incredible! The professional, beautifully run spa-like setting is icing (pun intended) on the cake. Thank you all so much!

    Andrea Molitor Avatar
    Andrea Molitor

    I went for my first session yesterday and it was a great experience with Cooper. He made me feel very comfortable.

    Yes, it hurts, but it's so quick! I already see some difference. It's day 2 and I only have a little bit of swelling, which is normal.

    I can't wait for the end result! Looking forward to it. Thank you, Finery! :)

    Alicia C. Avatar
    Alicia C.

    I had an absolutely wonderful experience at the Finery. Maia Marandola was extremely thorough, welcoming and helpful in explaining everything I needed to know about the process. My tattoo looked faded IMMEDIATELY after she was done and is healing beautifully. The studio is really nice and all the staff were extremely helpful and friendly, and they've been checking up on me ever since! Can't recommend highly enough-- if you want professional, real results, go to the Finery!!!

    Molly Ruth Avatar
    Molly Ruth
  • This place is AMAZING. I decided to come here after my research on colored tattoo removal, and when I saw the reviews here I knew I had to make an appointment. Maia and Susan took great care of me. Maia was so honest about the process, they both made me feel so comfortable through every step, this was just my first session and oh do I plan to go back for MORE. The environment is also very clean and comfortable. I couldn't thank them enough when I was leaving. AND THE RESULTS! After one session I have seen an amazing... read more

    jennifer baichu Avatar
    jennifer baichu

    (Posting on behalf of my wife, since I write most of the Google reviews) The Finery has been great so far! She's had two tattoo removal sessions for two old tattoos, one black, one blue. The black one is almost gone already, while the blue one looks like it'll need a few more sessions. She had come in for a session a few months ago, but realized she couldn't do it as she was on antibiotics, and they didn't charge a cancellation fee. This was a great demonstration of customer care on their part, as... read more

    Ira Pfeifer Avatar
    Ira Pfeifer

    I’ve always been treated very well here. They are 100% on time and well-prepared for appointments. They have a versatile clinical and technical team that provides care to each client together. When I first reached out to get more information, they scheduled a comprehensive consultation call right away. They appear to be a highly organized company, but they make a big effort to stay personal. I also appreciate the non-profit work they do, which makes them stand out even more from other similar companies.

    Ahtoy Juliana Avatar
    Ahtoy Juliana
  • I've had such a great experience at The Finery with Maia over the past several months. In full transparency, the tattoo removal laser can be pretty painful, but Maia always makes me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I've seen great progress so far with both tattoos that they're removing for me. The picture attached shows progress after just 2 sessions! Their whole staff is so professional, warm and welcoming, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for tattoo removal.

    Taylor Rohwedder Avatar
    Taylor Rohwedder

    I've been coming here over 2 years for tattoo removal & laser facials. I'm absolutely in love with the service, very helpful with any questions I have, especially Maia! She knows my skin so well and gives me excellent tips on how to take care & improve my skin before during & after any laser treatments or even products. I've been to other places in the city but this is my favorite so far! My skin as improved dramatically after being a client here. I recommend everyone try this place out!

    Andrea Bermudez Avatar
    Andrea Bermudez

    Huge huge huge thank you to the staff at the Finery. They couldn’t be more pleasant, kind and wonderful. The facility is incredibly clean and welcoming. Couldn’t recommend them more!

    Maariana Vikse Avatar
    Maariana Vikse
  • The Finery is AMAZING! I had been self conscious about the 6 small radiation tattoos that I was required to get during my breast cancer treatment. But I wasn't sure how to get them removed and if I even wanted to go through yet another procedure. Then I found out about The Finery's complimentary radiation tattoo removal program and it was such a relief to know that I didn't have to live every day with the reminder of breast cancer. Maia has been my technician and she's been so wonderful. Thank you for supporting survivors, Finery!

    Linda Park Avatar
    Linda Park

    I just finished my first session an hour ago. The staff is super easy going and friendly and we're very professional. I was in and out really quickly but they took time to answer all my questions and make sure I was as comfortable as possible. I look forward to seeing how my removal results progress over the next few weeks.

    Alex Miller Avatar
    Alex Miller

    Highly recommend this place if you’re looking to get a tattoo removed. I’ve been a client for about a year now, getting a few tattoos lasered for get covered up and the results I’ve gotten are amazing. If you want a safe and effective way to get those tattoos removed you should contact them. Along with the great results, they have the most amazing staff. There’s a reason I’ve been coming for a year, they know what they’re doing! I’ve tried other tattoo removal spots in the past and this place is hands down the best. Do yourself... read more

    Daray Hill Avatar
    Daray Hill

Tattoo Removal at The Finery New York City


Your very first appointment will be a tattoo removal consultation, where one of our tattoo removal specialists will evaluate your specific tattoo(s) and go over our tattoo removal process in detail. We will review your medical history and examine your tattoo to determine the number of sessions required. The specialist will also go over your payment options, including special packages and interest free financing. You’ll have the option to treat after your consultation.

How many tattoo removal sessions will it take?

The number of tattoo removal sessions you will need depends on your overall health and the composition of the tattoo. It can range from approximately 8-10 to remove a tattoo completely. For clients interested in fading their tattoo for a cover-up piece, we estimate 2-4 sessions depending on the artist and cover-up piece. We work directly with a number of tattoo shops across NYC and Brooklyn; most notably, Sacred Tattoo, Last Rites Tattoo Theater, Studio 28 Tattoo, Red Rocket, Bang Bang Tattoo, Three Kings Tattoo, and many, many more.

What laser tattoo removal technology should I use? What is Picosecond tattoo removal?

During your first consultation, you’ll learn more about our laser equipment and which laser technology will be most effective for your skin type and tattoo. The Finery uses cutting-edge Picosecond technology to break down tattoo ink into tiny particles so your body can reabsorb and dispose of it. Picosecond lasers deliver shorter pulses resulting in clearer skin, with fewer treatments, without damaging the surrounding area.


The Finery NYC provides comprehensive aftercare instructions. After each session, no matter how big or small, a specialist will follow up with a text you to see how things are healing. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available via text and phone at 857-284-2800. We offer follow-up appointment reminders and make booking easy with our self service online booking system.

Read The Finery’s suggested tattoo removal aftercare guidelines >


We are a family-owned company and pride ourselves on client satisfaction. Qualifying clients are eligible for our guarantee if they commit to a full T2 removal package. If a tattoo is not removed in the number of sessions that were quoted, clients receive one year of free tattoo removal.

Learn more about The Finery’s laser tattoo removal guarantee >


Our specialists determine the price for tattoo removal by measuring the saturated area of ink on each individual piece. To see how much your tattoo removal will cost per session before you come and visit, you may request an online evaluation. The Finery now offers video consultations as well.

Request an online tattoo removal evaluation >


Our clients typically find laser tattoo removal is not as painful as getting a tattoo. They say it is somewhat uncomfortable and usually will describe the feeling as a rubber bands being snapped on their skin. The process is fast and most treatments take less than a minute to complete.

Ready to book an appointment for tattoo removal in New York City?

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