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16 South Third Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106


The Finery Philadelphia is centrally located in Old City, at 16 South 3rd Street. The closest subway station is only one block away. If you’re driving in from New Jersey, Willow Grove, or Norristown, there’s meter parking in front the building and a very inexpensive parking right across the street.

The Finery Philadelphia is a full spectrum tattoo removal facility, equipped with two state of the art lasers (PicoSure/Rev-Lite SI), and fully certified and experienced technicians that have years of tattoo removal experience.

Testimonials From Philadelphia

  • I was so sick and tired of looking at my garbage tattoo and these friendly professionals helped me to get rid of it. It's truly life changing. It seems like an intimidating process but it helps to be in a relaxing environment and be put at ease through the process. It's not worth getting a mediocre coverup that is not better than the first tattoo. I recommend this process.

    Damara Kaminecki Avatar
    Damara Kaminecki

    My experience, so far have been delightful. Even though I am not seeing results as fast, as I would like. But, I know their is a method to their madness, as they cannot predict fully how your body will react to treatment.

    Johntel Clark Avatar
    Johntel Clark

    Place is amazing!!! Been taking a customer there to help translate for her procedure, not only is the procedure short and productive the staff are very professional and accommodating to our needs. Anyone looking for skin care or tattoo removal the Finery is highly recommended! Thanks for everything your team does!!

    Benjamim Ferreira Avatar
    Benjamim Ferreira
  • I saw Anna today for a chemical peel and my skin feels amazing! Her and Donna were an absolute delight to chat with. Thanks Anna!

    Zoe Mandrell Avatar
    Zoe Mandrell

    I've had a handful of treatments so far to fade this horrible NY Giants tattoo and I've been pleased so far with the results. My technician, Anna, has been great. I've heard horror stories about how painful it is and, while it doesn't tickle, it's not as bad as I thought it would be (it's tolerable!). Of course mine is pretty small...if it were a bigger area it might be a little more brutal, so I would probably suggest breaking it up into sections. But overall, so far it's been great and the staff is super friendly. Highly recommended!

    Matthew Belitz Avatar
    Matthew Belitz

    Amazing and totally worth it! If you are considering tattoo removal I highly recommend this place. They are well informed, clean, and all around great experience. Donna was amazing and I will be back. Don’t worry about the “pain” everyone talks about they do a wonderful job throughout the procedure making sure you are comfortable!

    Dana Jones Avatar
    Dana Jones
  • Donna is an absolute, truly beautiful person. The Finery specializes in so many wonderful services to make you feel a bit brighter in your day. The warm welcome from her team, the true and honest suggestions she gives EVERY time you visit. You really feel like it’s a business that caters to your needs and treats you like family. I’m not the type of woman to spend money on myself, but all the services they have and when Donna mentioned her new facials, I looked at her lovely skin and knew I needed To treat myself!
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    Carolyn von Rahder Avatar
    Carolyn von Rahder

    I went back for my fourth session on my hands. Each time it is getting lighter. The technicians always inform me by email after my appointment to tell me what to expect and ask if i need anything! Very nice place!

    Irene Whitacre Avatar
    Irene Whitacre

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