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Address: 16 South 3rd Street
                Philadelphia, PA 19106, United States

Phone:    +1 857-284-4800

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· Full spectrum laser tattoo removal facility
· Pay-as-you-go Picosure laser tattoo removal
· Traditional laser tattoo removal
· T2 guaranteed tattoo removal packages
· Interest-free tattoo removal financing
· Free tattoo removal consultations
· Family-owned and operated

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How to Find The Finery Tattoo Removal in Philadelphia, PA

The Finery Philadelphia is centrally located in Old City, at 16 South 3rd Street, directly inside what was once an Old City colonial mapmaker! If you are on the corner of Market Street and 3rd Street we are next to Menagerie Coffee, and across the street from FRMiCiA Restaurant.


The Finery Philly is easily accessible from route 95 for clients coming from the north and south. Clients traveling in from New Jersey should take the Ben Franklin Bridge. Clients coming from Center City and University City should take Market Street.

From NJ (Camden, Cherry Hill, Collingswood, Mt. Laurel, Atlantic City, Wildwood)

Take US-30 W and I-676 W to the 5th Street Exit. Make an immediate Right onto North Marginal Road. Turn right onto North 4th Street past the united states mint. Turn left onto Chestnut Street, when you see the Museum of the American Revolution. Turn left onto South 3rd Street.

From Points North (Bensalem, Trenton, Langhorn, Levittown)

Take I-95 S. Take exit 22 toward U.S. 30 E/Independence Hall. Turn right onto Vine Street. Turn left onto North 4th Street. Turn left onto Chestnut Street. Turn left onto South 3rd Street.

From Points South (Baltimore MD, Wilmington DE, Chester, Philadelphia International Airport, South Philadelphia)

Take I-95 North. Take exit 22 toward US-30 E/Independence Hall. Use the left lane to merge onto Callowhill Street. Turn left onto North 4th Street. Turn left onto Chestnut Street. Turn left onto South 3rd Street.

From Points West (King of Prussia, West Chester, Langcaster, Plymouth Meeting)

Take I-76 E. Take the US-30 E/I-676 E towards Central Phila. Take the US-30 E/I-676 E exit toward Ben Franklin Bridge. Use the right two lanes to merge onto US-30 E/North 6th Street. Continue onto North 6th St/North Independence Mall W passing the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and National Constitution Center. At Independence Hall, turn left onto Chestnut Street. Turn left onto South 3rd Street.


Street parking on South 3rd Street is available in two-hour increments, and appointments normally last no longer than an hour. The Park America parking lot is located across the street at 27 South 3rd Street; rates vary.

The Train

The best way to get to The Finery on SEPTA is the Market-Frankford Line, otherwise known as the blue line or EL. Take it to the 2nd Street Station and walk one block west on Market to 3rd Street.
If you are coming from NJ take PATCO to 8th and Market. Head 5 blocks east on Market passing the declaration house, National Museum Of American Jewish History, Benjamin Franklin Museum to 3rd Street.
For clients coming in on the regional rail (Thorndale, Doylestown, Chesnut Hill, and other Philadelphia metro area towns) Take the regional rail to Jefferson Station on 11th and Market street. Continue down Market to South 3rd Street.

Testimonials For The Finery Philadelphia

  • My experience, so far have been delightful. Even though I am not seeing results as fast, as I would like. But, I know their is a method to their madness, as they cannot predict fully how your body will react to treatment.

    Johntel Clark Avatar
    Johntel Clark

    I was so sick and tired of looking at my garbage tattoo and these friendly professionals helped me to get rid of it. It's truly life changing. It seems like an intimidating process but it helps to be in a relaxing environment and be put at ease through the process. It's not worth getting a mediocre coverup that is not better than the first tattoo. I recommend this process.

    Damara Kaminecki Avatar
    Damara Kaminecki

    Place is amazing!!! Been taking a customer there to help translate for her procedure, not only is the procedure short and productive the staff are very professional and accommodating to our needs. Anyone looking for skin care or tattoo removal the Finery is highly recommended! Thanks for everything your team does!!

    Benjamim Ferreira Avatar
    Benjamim Ferreira
  • Amazing and totally worth it! If you are considering tattoo removal I highly recommend this place. They are well informed, clean, and all around great experience. Donna was amazing and I will be back. Don’t worry about the “pain” everyone talks about they do a wonderful job throughout the procedure making sure you are comfortable!

    Dana Jones Avatar
    Dana Jones

    I've had a handful of treatments so far to fade this horrible NY Giants tattoo and I've been pleased so far with the results. My technician, Anna, has been great. I've heard horror stories about how painful it is and, while it doesn't tickle, it's not as bad as I thought it would be (it's tolerable!). Of course mine is pretty small...if it were a bigger area it might be a little more brutal, so I would probably suggest breaking it up into sections. But overall, so far it's been great and the staff is super friendly. Highly recommended!

    Matthew Belitz Avatar
    Matthew Belitz

    Donna is an absolute, truly beautiful person. The Finery specializes in so many wonderful services to make you feel a bit brighter in your day. The warm welcome from her team, the true and honest suggestions she gives EVERY time you visit. You really feel like it’s a business that caters to your needs and treats you like family. I’m not the type of woman to spend money on myself, but all the services they have and when Donna mentioned her new facials, I looked at her lovely skin and knew I needed To treat myself!
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    read more

    Carolyn von Rahder Avatar
    Carolyn von Rahder
  • I went back for my fourth session on my hands. Each time it is getting lighter. The technicians always inform me by email after my appointment to tell me what to expect and ask if i need anything! Very nice place!

    Irene Whitacre Avatar
    Irene Whitacre

    I saw Anna today for a chemical peel and my skin feels amazing! Her and Donna were an absolute delight to chat with. Thanks Anna!

    Zoe Mandrell Avatar
    Zoe Mandrell

The Finery Philadelphia Tattoo Removal Process


Tattoo removal at our Old City Philadelphia location always starts with a one-on-one consultation. During this consultation, one of our tattoo removal specialists will evaluate your tattoo and review the clinical process in detail. We will go over your medical history, treatment expectations, and examine your tattoo in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan, including the tattoo removal technology and number of sessions required.

How many tattoo removal sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

The number of tattoo removal sessions required to fully remove a tattoo can range from about eight to ten, depending on your overall health and the individual tattoo’s composition. For clients interested in tattoo fading for a cover-up tattoo, expect to have roughly two to four sessions, depending on the cover-up tattoo style and artist’s technique. We work directly with a number of tattoo studios in Philadelphia, most notably Séance Tattoo, Art Machine Productions, Eastern Pass Tattoo, Omkara Tattoo, and a whole lot more. No one has more experience preparing skin for cover-up tattoos than The Finery. Treatments usually take under five minutes and appointments should be spaced about six to eight weeks apart.

What laser tattoo removal technology WILL BE useD? What is Picosure?

During the initial consultation, you will learn more about our laser equipment and which one will be most effective in fading or removing your tattoo. The Finery uses two different types of cutting-edge Picosure and nanosecond lasers to break down ink into small particles that your body can absorb—no matter what kind of tattoo or skin type you have.


We find that our Philadelphia clients appreciate our thorough and attentive aftercare process and follow-up. After every session, your technologist will provide you with important aftercare instructions and check in with you with text messages to see how things are healing. If you have any questions or concerns, we are available by text and phone at 857-214-8310. We also offer convenient appointment reminders and simple re-booking online.

Read our suggested tattoo removal aftercare guidelines >


We are a family owned and operated tattoo removal company that prides itself on client satisfaction. Qualifying clients are eligible for our tattoo removal guarantee when they commit to a full T2 package. If a tattoo is not removed in the number of sessions quoted, clients receive one year of free tattoo removal sessions.

Learn more about The Finery’s laser tattoo removal guarantee >


We determine the price of your tattoo removal by measuring the saturated area of ink. To get an idea of how much tattoo removal will cost per session before you come into our Philadelphia location, you can request an online evaluation.

Request an online tattoo removal evaluation >


Most clients find that tattoo removal is less painful than getting a tattoo. The procedure is usually a bit uncomfortable and clients often describe the feeling as rubber bands being snapped on their skin. Tattoo removal with The Finery Philadelphia is fast, and most treatments take less than a minute to complete.

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