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The Finery Studio
47 State Street
Rochester, NY 14614, United States
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The Finery Studio in Rochester, New York State, is a tattoo removal studio that provides a fast, safe and affordable tattoo removal that fits your schedule. Your appointment will usually take no more than half an hour and we make sure that you never have to wait for it to start. With over 20,000 laser tattoo removal treatments performed annually, Finery has industry leading laser tattoo removal protocols and experience to remove your tattoo safely in the least amount of time. Rochester, NY is home to many quality laser tattoo removal facilities, however, none specialize in laser tattoo removal nor have the overall experience of Finery laser tattoo removal.

PLEASE NOTE: The Finery Studio Rochester is a Q-Switched only studio specializing in fading and removing tattoos for cover-ups. This location does not offer all services of a Finery center and does not offer the PicoSure laser or the T2 protocol. If you are interested in completely removing your tattoos and have green, purple or blue ink please consider one of our full spectrum facilities located on South Street in Boston, MA, NYC, or Philadelphia, PA.

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Testimonials From Rochester

  • I have had three treatments over the course of three months and have had fantastic results. It hurts like hell but it is getting the job done. The guys are really friendly and quick with getting me set up and getting me out. The booking process is simple. I would highly recommend going with this company if you need to remove a tattoo for any reason.

    Tee Motts Avatar Tee Motts

    I’ve had extensive laser work from The Finery over the passed year to remove a sleeve. Never had a sour experience or any unexpected results or side effects. The communication is first class before and after, always following up via email to ensure I had a good experience and checking in on the healing process. I’ve been lasered by medical professionals, doctors, and other independent laser technicians and my results with The Finery are by far the most comfortable and effective.

    Dylan Tate Avatar Dylan Tate

    Great experience with Dustin and Marco. They make you feel at ease and are very insightful. Highly recommend!

    Eric Daniels Avatar Eric Daniels