Contact & Directions

863 County St.
Somerset, MA
In partnership with Lynne’s Place


The Finery Studio is partnered with Lynne’s Place which is centrally located in the heart of Somerset, MA.  Clients traveling from Providence, North Kingston, Southern Rhode Island, Newport, Fallriver and Southeastern Mass will find it easy to access from 195 with plenty of parking available.

Lynne’s Place is home to The Finery Studio, Southeastern Massachusetts first laser tattoo removal facility that focuses solely on tattoo removal. The Finery Studio offers safe, fast, and affordable tattoo removal right in Southeastern Massachusetts. If you’re driving in there’s plenty of parking directly in front of the shop. Your appointment will usually take no more than thirty minutes.

 The Finery Studio Rhode Island is a Q-Switched only center, which means that we specialize in tattoo removal and fading for cover-up tattoos. This location does not provide all of the services of other The Finery locations that have PicoSure laser and the T2 protocol. If you’re looking to completely remove your tattoo and have green, purple or blue ink please visit one of our full spectrum locations in Boston, MA, NYC, or Philadelphia, PA.

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