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The Finery Studio
419 Hiawatha Boulevard
Syracuse, NY 13208, United States
At Carmelo’s Ink City

We are bringing our Finery tattoo removal experts to you with our Syracuse, New York State mobile location. We offer safety, speed, and affordability of our tattoo removal centers right in Syracuse without the hassle of a long commute.

PLEASE NOTE: The Finery Studio Syracuse is a Q-Switched only studio specializing in fading and removing tattoos for cover-ups. This location does not offer all services of a Finery center and does not offer the PicoSure laser or the T2 protocol. If you are interested in completely removing your tattoos and have green, purple or blue ink please consider one of our full spectrum facilities located on South Street in Boston, MA, NYC, or Philadelphia, PA.

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Testimonials From Syracuse

  • When I called the finery originally to get information, the woman I spoke to was so sweet and helpful. After talking to her I knew this is where I wanted to get my tattoo removed. Then I met Marco and Dustin and they were phenomenal. Both of them were so knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. I’m healing wonderfully and can’t wait for my next appointment in October!

    Cortnie Crouse Avatar Cortnie Crouse

    I have been working with The Finery for over a year and their customer service is seriously... Amazing! I am currently removing a huge side piece that I initially wanted to cover up in the future and after seeing the phenomenal outcome I am now thinking about fully removing it. I make sure to space out my sessions because it is a painful process but definitely worth it. I appreciate the time their crew took to work with me along the way from taking me through the process to following up with calls and making sure I was doing just fine. I’ve never scarred nor did I ever blister with any of my sessions. They are by far the best in what they do. I will definitely continue to recommend them to anyone that needs laser removal. I will posts before and after photos once my process is completely done.

    Ruth Silva Avatar Ruth Silva

    Thank YOU! You guys were great today, super informative and polite, incredibly friendly. Super happy with my experience today! :)

    Courtney Shaut Avatar Courtney Shaut
  • So far ive had one session and I was shocked at the results! They are super informative and walked me through the process, it was quick, clean and a little painful but totally worth it. Can’t wait to start up my next session and finally get rid of my horrible tattoo.

    Jeanette Couvertier Avatar Jeanette Couvertier

    Marco and Dustin are awesome!! Great customer service, informative and friendly.

    Mark Miller Avatar Mark Miller