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The Finery Boston

Address: 661 Boylston Street, 3rd floor
                Boston, MA 02116, USA

Phone:    +1 857-284-4800

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· Full spectrum laser tattoo removal facility
· Pay-as-you-go Picosure laser tattoo removal
· Traditional laser tattoo removal
· T2 guaranteed tattoo removal packages
· Interest-free tattoo removal financing
· Free tattoo removal consultations
· Family-owned and operated

How to Find The Finery Tattoo Removal in New York, NY

The Finery New York City is centrally located in Midtown East, on Park Ave South between 26th and 27th Streets. The front door of our building is located directly to the right of Sarabeth’s restaurant its big and brass; if you go to Dos Caminos you have gone to far. Clients coming in from Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Queens, and Long Island should have no trouble taking the train in, as Grand Central Station is close by.


If you are driving in, god help you.

Clients coming from Williamsburg , Bushwick, Bed-Stuy and points east in Brooklyn:

· Take the Williamsburg bridge to 1st Avenue
· Take 1st Avenue to 14th Street West
· From 14th take Park Avenue North
· The Finery is located on the Eastern side of Park Ave S between 26th -27th Streets; a parking garage is available in the vicinity

Clients traveling from Queens and points east in long Island:

· Navigate to Route 495 to take the Midtown Tunnel or take Queens Boulevard to the Queens Midtown Bridge
· Take Lexington Avenue south to 27thStreet
· The Finery is located on the Eastern side of Park Ave S between 26th and 27th Streets; a parking garage is available in the vicinity

Clients traveling from Hoboken, Wehawken, Union City and points west:

· The most direct route is to take Route 495 East to the Lincoln Tunnel to 34th Street East
· From 34th Street East turn right onto to Park Avenue South
· The Finery is located on the Eastern side of Park Ave S between 26th and 27th Streets; a parking garage is available in the vicinity


The Finery New York City does not offer private parking. Parking on 28th Street is all commercial (3-hour limit); Park Ave is also commercial vehicle parking only. The Park Right parking garage is closest, at 39 E 29th Street.


The closest NYC Subway stop is only one block away, on 28th Street (6 Train). If you have no patience for the local 6, we are an easy 15-minute walk from Union Square, Flatiron building and Grand Central Station, and an even easier 10-minute walk from Broadway and 23rd Street.

Testimonials For The Finery Boston

  • I can't recommend The Finery enough. I've been getting treatments from them for a while now and am seeing serious progress on my arm tattoo! In addition to their effective equipment and clean space, the staff has always been kind, knowledgeable and honest. Most recently, I had an appointment with Dayna who I was glad to schedule my next appointment with. A lot of people ask where I get my treatments done and I always send them here!

    Hannah R Avatar
    Hannah R

    I’ve been a client of The Finery for 11 months now, for removal of a tattoo and I could not be more pleased by, and satisfied with, the professionalism of the staff.
    Always courteous and attentive, they put me at ease at every appointment. They are skilled with their equipment and technique and always keep me well informed of what they are doing.
    Dayna, Chelsea and Carmen are the best. I couldn’t be in better hands!

    James McCarthy Avatar
    James McCarthy

    I am currently seeing Dayna for tattoo removal. She is amazing-knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating. The office and it’s staff are professional and welcoming. I am seeing great improvement in my tattoo removal. Highly recommend this business!

    Samantha Home Avatar
    Samantha Home
  • Every appointment that I’ve had so far has been wonderful! The office space and staff are extremely welcoming. Dayna has done my treatments and she always makes me feel comfortable and explains the process. Highly recommend!

    Casey Farrissey Avatar
    Casey Farrissey

    Best place in the world! I have been going to the finery for years and the staff in amazing and knowledgeable. You can’t beat the quality of service and the high end lasers and facials they offer in my opinion are the best in Boston and I’ve been to ALOT of places

    Sarah Mespelt Avatar
    Sarah Mespelt

    The staff at the Finery have been super friendly and supportive. Laser tattoo removal is never easy, but being greeted kindly and welcomed into their clean and pleasant space definitely takes the edge off. Additionally, it is happening. I'm four treatments in and the tattoo has faded substantially!!!

    Sharon Rhodes Avatar
    Sharon Rhodes
  • Great experience here! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and transparent about the process. I’ve been getting treatments for about a year and am satisfied with the results so far. My tattoo has faded significantly and my progress is on track with what I was told from the beginning. I highly recommend The Finery!

    Rebecca Sears Avatar
    Rebecca Sears

    They offer exceptional service, and dayna is very patient and skilled in what she does. She makes this experience as pleasant as it can possibly get. I’d highly recommend the finery for any of your tattoo removal needs.

    Michael canada Avatar
    Michael canada

    My tattoo removal is making progress! I have worked with Michael before he left. I see Dayna and Philip now and I'm happy to see that you have solid people working for your company. Outgoing people who know what they're doing. Informative as well when I have questions. When I saw that Dayna was the new tech, I will not lie, I was a bit nervous but she is awesome! I look forward to working with them to get this removed even more!

    Ashley Almeida Avatar
    Ashley Almeida
  • When I was searching for a place to get my tattoo removed the Finery was the first and best choice i made. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Dana has been such a pleasure to work with and explain the process would be somewhat painful, but very rewarding. So far this is my 6th treatment and the results are showing very well. If your looking for a tattoo removal place I recommend going here.

    shawna gomez Avatar
    shawna gomez

Tattoo Removal Process at The Finery Boston


Tattoo removal at our Boston location starts with an in-person consultation. During the consultation, a tattoo removal specialist will evaluate your tattoo and go over the clinical process in detail. We will review your medical history, treatment expectations, and examine your tattoo in order to determine an appropriate treatment plan.

How many tattoo removal sessions will it take to remove my tattoo?

The number of tattoo removal sessions it will take to fully remove a tattoo can range from eight to ten, depending on your overall health and the make-up of the tattoo. For clients interested in tattoo fading for a cover-up tattoo, you can expect to require two to four sessions depending on the cover-up piece requirements and artist’s technique. We work directly with a number of tattoo shops in Boston, most notably the Boston Tattoo Company, Route 9 Tattoo, Studio 31, Helheim Gallery, Seaport Tattoo, and more. Tattoo removal treatments usually last no longer than five minutes and should be spaced six to eight weeks apart.

What laser tattoo removal technology should I use? What is Picosure tattoo removal?

During the consultation, you will learn more about our laser equipment and what laser will be most effective in fading or removing your tattoo. The Finery uses two different types of cutting-edge Picosure and nanosecond lasers to break down ink into particles small enough for your body to absorb—no matter what kind of tattoo or skin type you have.


We find that our Boston clients appreciate our aftercare process and follow up. After every session, big or small, our laser specialist will provide you with aftercare instructions and check in with you via text to see how you are healing. If any questions or concerns arise, we are available via text and phone at 857-284-4800. We also offer appointment reminders and easy online booking.


We are a family company that prides itself on client satisfaction. Qualifying clients are eligible for our removal guarantee when they commit to a full T2 tattoo removal package. If a tattoo is not removed in the number of sessions we quote, clients receive one year of free tattoo removal.

Learn more about The Finery’s laser tattoo removal guarantee >


We determine the price for your tattoo removal by measuring the saturated area of ink. To get an idea of how much tattoo removal costs per session before you come to visit our Boston location, you can request an online evaluation.


Our clients typically find that tattoo removal is not more painful than getting a tattoo. They do find the procedure uncomfortable and describe the feeling as rubber bands snapping on their skin. Tattoo removal at our Boston location is fast and most treatments take less than a minute to complete.

Ready to book an appointment for tattoo removal in Boston?

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