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Testimonials From Bloomsburg

  • I can't recommend The Finery enough. I've been getting treatments from them for a while now and am seeing serious progress on my arm tattoo! In addition to their effective equipment and clean space, the staff has always been kind, knowledgeable and honest. Most recently, I had an appointment with Dayna who I was glad to schedule my next appointment with. A lot of people ask where I get my treatments done and I always send them here!

    Hannah R Avatar Hannah R

    My tattoo removal is making progress! I have worked with Michael before he left. I see Dayna and Philip now and I'm happy to see that you have solid people working for your company. Outgoing people who know what they're doing. Informative as well when I have questions. When I saw that Dayna was the new tech, I will not lie, I was a bit nervous but she is awesome! I look forward to working with them to get this removed even more!

    Ashley Almeida Avatar Ashley Almeida

    Best place in the world! I have been going to the finery for years and the staff in amazing and knowledgeable. You can’t beat the quality of service and the high end lasers and facials they offer in my opinion are the best in Boston and I’ve been to ALOT of places

    Sarah Mespelt Avatar Sarah Mespelt
  • Great experience here! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and transparent about the process. I’ve been getting treatments for about a year and am satisfied with the results so far. My tattoo has faded significantly and my progress is on track with what I was told from the beginning. I highly recommend The Finery!

    Rebecca Sears Avatar Rebecca Sears

    The staff at the Finery have been super friendly and supportive. Laser tattoo removal is never easy, but being greeted kindly and welcomed into their clean and pleasant space definitely takes the edge off. Additionally, it is happening. I'm four treatments in and the tattoo has faded substantially!!!

    Sharon Rhodes Avatar Sharon Rhodes

    Don’t go if you think you won’t be able to finish for any reason. They refuse to stop charging your credit card even if you can’t go (although I was told otherwise at the consultation). And they charge MORE if you’re getting a tattoo lightened, as opposed to totally removed. As if it’s not already expensive enough. I feel like I’m dealing with Comcast or something- no straight answers on price and they shut you up by confusing you. The company needs to learn integrity, honesty, and start valuing their customers. I no longer respect the company.

    Veronica Budzynski Avatar Veronica Budzynski
  • I saw Anna today for a chemical peel and my skin feels amazing! Her and Donna were an absolute delight to chat with. Thanks Anna!

    Zoe Mandrell Avatar Zoe Mandrell

    My experience, so far have been delightful. Even though I am not seeing results as fast, as I would like. But, I know their is a method to their madness, as they cannot predict fully how your body will react to treatment.

    Johntel Clark Avatar Johntel Clark

    I tried to change my payment plan because I plan to move out of state in the next year, they basically told me that I’m locked in and will have to continue paying. And they can’t give me straight answer as to what I’m paying per session. They say $138 per session on my receipt, but I pay $92 a month and they say the $138 is an “estimate.” Shady.

    Bryan Fowler Avatar Bryan Fowler
  • I've had a handful of treatments so far to fade this horrible NY Giants tattoo and I've been pleased so far with the results. My technician, Anna, has been great. I've heard horror stories about how painful it is and, while it doesn't tickle, it's not as bad as I thought it would be (it's tolerable!). Of course mine is pretty small...if it were a bigger area it might be a little more brutal, so I would probably suggest breaking it up into sections. But overall, so far it's been great and the staff is super friendly. Highly recommended!

    Matthew Belitz Avatar Matthew Belitz

    I couldn't be more thrilled with the exceptional care I've received at the Finery! Maia was amazing on my recent visit, and the results on my 20-plus-year-old heavily inked tattoo in only two sittings are just incredible! The professional, beautifully run spa-like setting is icing (pun intended) on the cake. Thank you all so much!

    Andrea Molitor Avatar Andrea Molitor

    Highly recommend this place if you’re looking to get a tattoo removed. I’ve been a client for about a year now, getting a few tattoos lasered for get covered up and the results I’ve gotten are amazing. If you want a safe and effective way to get those tattoos removed you should contact them. Along with the great results, they have the most amazing staff. There’s a reason I’ve been coming for a year, they know what they’re doing! I’ve tried other tattoo removal spots in the past and this place is hands down the best. Do yourself a huge favor, get it right the first time and contact the Finery!

    Daray Hill Avatar Daray Hill
  • I've had such a great experience at The Finery with Maia over the past several months. In full transparency, the tattoo removal laser can be pretty painful, but Maia always makes me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I've seen great progress so far with both tattoos that they're removing for me. The picture attached shows progress after just 2 sessions! Their whole staff is so professional, warm and welcoming, and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for tattoo removal.

    Taylor Rohwedder Avatar Taylor Rohwedder

    Huge huge huge thank you to the staff at the Finery. They couldn’t be more pleasant, kind and wonderful. The facility is incredibly clean and welcoming. Couldn’t recommend them more!

    Maariana Vikse Avatar Maariana Vikse

    I've been coming here over 2 years for tattoo removal & laser facials. I'm absolutely in love with the service, very helpful with any questions I have, especially Maia! She knows my skin so well and gives me excellent tips on how to take care & improve my skin before during & after any laser treatments or even products. I've been to other places in the city but this is my favorite so far! My skin as improved dramatically after being a client here. I recommend everyone try this place out!

    Andrea Bermudez Avatar Andrea Bermudez

Tattoo Removal Process

Tattoo removal starts with a consultation

During the tattoo removal consultation, a tattoo removal specialist will evaluate your tattoo and go over the clinical process in detail. We will review your medical history and examine your tattoo to determine the number of sessions and the tattoo removal price.

Number of tattoo removal sessions

Typically depending on overall health and makeup of the tattoo. The number of tattoo removal Sessions can range from 8-10 treatments to fully remove a tattoo. Usually, for clients interested in fading for a cover-up tattoo we estimate 2-4 sessions. However, it depends on the tattoo artist you decide to work with. We work directly with Invicta tattoo in Bloomsburg, PA to provide tattoo removal directly in-house.

Tattoo Removal Technology

During the consultation, you will learn more about our laser equipment and what laser will be most effective for your tattoo. The Finery uses two different types of cutting-edge lasers to break down your tattoo ink into particles small enough for the body to absorb—no matter what kind of tattoo or skin type you have. Depending on the process, full tattoo removal can take 8 to 10 treatments.  Each treatment usually lasts no longer than FIVE  minutes and should be spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Client Satisfaction

We find that when clients, tattoo removal specialists and the artists at Invicta work together during the tattoo removal process the outcome is better, had they chosen to simply cover the tattoo without fading. Tattoo removal clients interested in complete tattoo removal may qualify for our tattoo removal guarantee.

The Finery Tattoo Removal Guarantee

Qualifying clients interested in full tattoo removal receive our full removal guarantee when they commit to a full removal package. If the tattoo is not removed in the number of sessions we quote clients receive 1 of year free tattoo removal. Learn more here! 

Tattoo removal price

We determine the tattoo removal price by measuring the saturated area of ink. To get an idea of how much tattoo removal costs per session before you come in you can request an online evaluation. 

Tattoo Removal Pain

Clients find that tattoo removal is uncomfortable and describe the procedure as feeling like rubber bands snapping. Tattoo removal is fast most treatments take less than a minute to complete.

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