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Professional Laser Tattoo Removal in Northampton

  • Latest RevLite and Picosure tattoo removal lasers.
  • Experienced certified tattoo removal professionals.
  • Cover up and complete tattoo removal.
  • Tattoo removal guarantee and interest-free financing.
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Testimonials For The Finery West Chester

  • Marco and Dustin are by far the most professional and accommodating people we have ever had in this tattoo shop and that has actually influenced the way myself and my business partner approach customer service. Please make sure they keep coming here so we continue to learn how to improve our business. Thank you!!!

    Timmy B Avatar Timmy B

    This was my first tattoo removal treatment session. I felt well informed about the procedure and what to do and expect following the procedure. Dustin & Marco are absolute professionals. I felt very comfortable the whole time, I was very satisfied with the knowledge and experience and the result from the first treatment.

    Stephen Besner Avatar Stephen Besner

    Marcos and Dustin are my favorite dudes at the finery they are attentive and helpful with every client and have a wonderful presence. I live them both!

    Lindsay Baker Avatar Lindsay Baker
  • Marco & Dustin have great customer service skills and are very professional, you won’t be disappointed working with them!

    Jacob Zucco Avatar Jacob Zucco

    Dustin and Marco are very professional and have great customer service 👌👌👌

    William Rock Avatar William Rock

Tattoo Removal Process

Tattoo removal begins with a tattoo evaluation

During the tattoo removal evaluation, a tattoo removal specialist will evaluate your tattoo and go over the clinical process at the West Chester location. The laser technician will review your medical history and examine your tattoo to determine the number of sessions and the tattoo removal price.

Number of tattoo removal sessions

Typically depending on overall health and makeup of the tattoo. The number of tattoo removal Sessions can range from 8-10 treatments to fully remove a tattoo. Usually, for clients interested in fading for a cover-up tattoo we estimate 2-4 sessions. However, it depends on which White Oak Tattoo artist you decide to work with. We work directly with artists at White Oak Tattoo in West Chester, PA to provide tattoo removal directly in-house so coordinating should not be difficult.

Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

During the tattoo removal consultation, you will learn more about our laser tattoo removal equipment and what laser will be most effective for your tattoo. The Finery uses two different types of cutting-edge lasers to break down your tattoo ink into particles small enough for the body to absorb—no matter what kind of tattoo or skin type you have. Depending on the process, full tattoo removal can take 8 to 10 treatments.  Each treatment usually lasts no longer than FIVE  minutes and should be spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Mobile Laser technology

The Finery Mobile Unit Travels to West Chester, PA from our main location in Philadelphia, PA. The Lutronic Spectra tattoo removal laser and the Cynosure Revlite Si are used to remove tattoos at White Oak Tattoo. All Picosure sessions will be booked and performed at our main Philadelphia, PA location.

Client Satisfaction

We find that when clients, tattoo removal specialists and the artists at White Oak Tattoo work together. The tattoo removal process is better and the overall tattoo quality is far better. Tattoo removal clients interested in complete tattoo removal may qualify for our tattoo removal guarantee.

The Finery Tattoo Removal Guarantee

Qualifying clients interested in full tattoo removal receive our full removal guarantee when they commit to a full tattoo removal package. If the tattoo is not removed in the number of sessions we quote. Tattoo removal clients receive 1 of year free tattoo removal. Learn more here! 

Tattoo removal price

We determine the tattoo removal price by measuring the saturated area of ink. To get an idea of how much tattoo removal costs per session before you come in you can request an online evaluation. 

Tattoo Removal Pain

Clients find that tattoo removal is uncomfortable and describe the procedure as feeling like rubber bands snapping. Tattoo removal is fast most treatments take less than a minute to complete.

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