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Address: 7 Alfred St, Woburn, MA 01801, USA. Suite 300b in partnership with Novo Sano

We offer professional tattoo removal service in the Finery Office in Woburn. We carry out more than 20,000 tattoo removal treatments annually. We offer a tattoo removal guarantee and interest-free financing to make the process a lot easier for you.

Professional Laser Tattoo Removal in Woburn

  • Latest RevLite SI and Lutronic Spectra tattoo removal lasers
  • Experienced certified tattoo removal professionals
  • Specializing in fading for Coverup Tattoos and Complete Tattoo Removal
  • Tattoo removal guarantee and interest-free financing

The Finery Woburn is located in the Baldwin Park building number two at 7 Alfred Street in Woburn. The Finery has partnered with Novo Sano to offer laser tattoo removal directly in house. Our Woburn location is easily accessible from all points in the North Shore, just blocks away from the junction of route 95 and 93 across the street from the Woburn stop and shop plaza.

Parking is available directly in front of Woburn pediatrics and Winchester hospital urgent care.

MBTA Commuter Rail

The closest commuter rail location to The Finery Woburn is the Mishawum stop on MBTA Lowell Line.  The station is located on Mishawum Road north of downtown Woburn.

Testimonials From Woburn

  • Marcos and Dustin are my favorite dudes at the finery they are attentive and helpful with every client and have a wonderful presence. I live them both!

    Lindsay Baker Avatar
    Lindsay Baker

    Dustin and Marco are very professional and have great customer service 👌👌👌

    William Rock Avatar
    William Rock

    Marco & Dustin have great customer service skills and are very professional, you won’t be disappointed working with them!

    Jacob Zucco Avatar
    Jacob Zucco
  • This was my first tattoo removal treatment session. I felt well informed about the procedure and what to do and expect following the procedure. Dustin & Marco are absolute professionals. I felt very comfortable the whole time, I was very satisfied with the knowledge and experience and the result from the first treatment.

    Stephen Besner Avatar
    Stephen Besner

    Marco and Dustin are by far the most professional and accommodating people we have ever had in this tattoo shop and that has actually influenced the way myself and my business partner approach customer service. Please make sure they keep coming here so we continue to learn how to improve our business. Thank you!!!

    Timmy B Avatar
    Timmy B

Tattoo Removal in The Finery Woburn

what you should expect?

We start the tattoo removal process at our Woburn location by meeting with you in person. Our specialist will evaluate your tattoo during the initial consultation phase and critically explore the clinical process. We will also go through your medical history, treatment expectations and determine the most appropriate treatment plan for your tattoo.


It will take about eight to ten sessions to fully remove your tattoo. However, the exact number of session you require will depend on the constitution of your tattoo as well as your entire health. If you require tattoo fading for cover-up tattoo, the number of sessions you require could range from two to four but this also depends on the technique used by the tattoo artist and the requirement of your cover-up piece. We work with notable tattoo shops in Northampton to offer you great tattoo removal service. Also, each of our tattoo removal session will take barely five minutes but the gap between consecutive sessions should be about six to eight weeks.

what is PicoWay tattoo removal and which tattoo removal technology is recommended for me?

We have two different types of state-of-the-art PicoWay and nanosecond lasers in the Finery Woburn. These technologies are used to break down the ink used in tattoo removal into small particles to make it easy enough to be absorbed by the body irrespective of your skin type and kind of tattoo. You can learn more about our laser equipment and the most effective form of laser for removing and fading your tattoo during our consultation with you.

what aftercare process follows after your tattoo removal?

Our tattoo removal process is followed by follow-ups and after care. We will provide you with the aftercare instructions and check through text messages to see how you are doing. We carry out aftercare process after each session whether big or small. You can contact us at 857-269-3965 through text or phone for any concern or question you may have. We also offer easy online booking and appointment reminders for our North Shore clients.

do you offer guaranteed results in tattoo removal?

Our primary objective and goal as a family owned business is to satisfy our clients. We offer our eligible clients removal guarantee provided they opt for the full T2 tattoo removal package. We will offer you a one-year free tattoo removal session if your tattoo is not removed in the number of sessions we quote.

what does the laser tattoo removal cost?

To determine the cost of your laser tattoo removal, we measure the area saturated by the ink. You can ask for an online evaluation to get an idea of the price of each tattoo removal session. You are allowed to do this even before visiting us at our Woburn location for your tattoo removal.

is the laser tattoo removal painful?

The laser tattoo removal at The Finery Woburn is relatively painless. However, it may have a kind of uncomfortable feeling. The laser tattoo removal feels like the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. Sessions at our Woburn office normally take less than 15 minuts from the time you drive up to the time you drive away.

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laser tattoo removal
laser tattoo removal