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Meet the Team | Peggy

Meet Peggy O’Neil – Peggy oversees The Finery’s laser tattoo removal offices in NY. When Peggy isn’t running NY, you can catch her on the slopes.
Watch her interview above and scroll through for more from Peggy!


How long have you worked at The Finery?
April 1st was my first day with The Finery.

Why did you choose to work at The Finery?
I had worked with Carmen when The Finery was Tataway. I was always intrigued by the culture at The Finery and decided to see what it was all about. Working for a Powerhouse like Carmen and for a woman fronted company was a change that appealed to me. Working at a company where my ideas would be valued and at times implemented was a huge draw. It is important to work for someone and a company where you feel your ideas matter. And to have the potential to make a positive contribution to a workplace overall is a wonderful feeling to have.

Best part of your job?
The team at The Finery is amazing. To have a family dynamic throughout and not just “people you work with” is an awesome thing to be a part of.

Biggest accomplishment at The Finery?
Beekman opening party was pretty great! It was a huge undertaking to plan the opening event for our new flagship office. Having staff on hand assisting that day was the key to success. Having a kick ass team is crucial.

Most challenging part of your job?
I think that “challenges” just depend on your perspective.
How to work around or with a challenge is like a game that you can play to make them seem less “challenging” if you will.

How do you kill time?
Outdoor activities, street art/graffiti spotting, shooting pictures, eating delicious food, laughing at everything I can with my friends.

Anything else you would like to add/be included..
Something about positivity, the importance of working together!
Much love!

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