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Meet the Team | Ranella


Meet Ranella – Ranella oversees The Finery’s laser tattoo removal offices in Midtown Manhattan.
Watch her interview above and scroll through for more from Ranella!

How long have you worked at The Finery?
I’ve worked at The Finery for 1 year and 6 months


Why did you choose to work at The Finery?
The opportunity was presented to me by a friend who formerly held the position and was leaving at the time. I met with Maia for my interview and instantly felt a connection. She was super friendly and welcoming, truly a reflection of the family aspect of the company. The community initiative, the INK Program was the icing on the cake. Not many for profit companies engage with the community and give back, so to be able to be apart of a company that does that is something I couldn’t pass down.


Best part of your job?
The INK Program is truly the icing on the cake for my job. I’ve recently graduated with my masters in Public Administration and I’ve always seen myself as a public servant, wanting to help people anyway I can, so to be able to do that with the INK Program, that feeling is incomparable. INK clients often feel as though their life has ended with past decisions, so I’m glad I’m able to give them a chance to feel like they can start again.


Biggest accomplishment at The Finery?
Having the INK Program grow into what it is today, over 800 applications reviewed, partnerships with various nonprofit organizations such as  Safe Horizon, WPA Women’s Prison Association, Fortune Society and most importantly so many lives changed through the removal of their tattoos. Truly one of my biggest accomplishment not only at The Finery but in my life thus far.


Most challenging part of your job?
Having such little control of the removal process is super challenging. The removal process is a group effort between what the technicians does and what the client’s body is doing. It can be frustrating for clients when their tattoos aren’t moving as quickly as they’d expect it to. Technicians are only able to do so much because it’s now the clients body’s turn to get to work!


Do you have tattoos? Any interesting tattoo stories?
I do not have any tattoos but in the sixth grade I received a stuffed dog as a Christmas gift from a classmate and loved it so much that I swore I would get its face tattooed on me when I got older. I still have it and often laugh at the thought, I’m sure If I had gotten it I would’ve been The Finery’s first client.


How do you kill time?
As a New Yorker the most free time I have is on my way to work, during long commutes. I always have a book on me. Right now I’m reading “I’m Telling the Truth but I’m Lying:Essays” by Bassey Ikpi. There’s nothing better than getting wrapped up in a good book, helps you forget you’ve spent close to 2 hours on a train.




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