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    Artists, Doctors, Medspas: We’re Mobile!

    We’ll work directly with your clients to figure out the best time to bring our removal professionals and our high-quality equipment right to your office. No hassle, no travel and no extra scheduling. How easy is that?

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Tattoo Artists, Spa Managers, and Medical Professionals:

Aside from working with the best in the business, here’s why you should schedule a guest spot from The Finery at your business location:


No one has to go to an unfamiliar location to receive a laser treatment. We’ll come to your customers when they’re interested.

Customer Comfort

Our customers receive the highest level of service, experience, expertise, and results. We’re a tested company that you can safely recommend to your clients.

More Business

Offering a tattoo removal service sets your facility apart. Helping people safely and effectively remove tattoos they no longer want or like will enhance your client experience.

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