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We partner with some of the best tattoo artists in the tattoo industry. This is what they have to say.


“As a tattoo artist, partnering with a The Finery was super intuitive. Traditional laser places are stuffy environments though, with doctors and white walls. I wanted to know the people behind the shop, really know them and trust them enough that I could refer my clients. I can work with my clients and Carmen and Phil through the whole [tattoo removal] process.”

-Evan Olin

Powerline Tattoo

My name is Kelly Doty and I’ve been working with The Finery for almost two years, between hosting their services for the Salem area, as well as receiving laser removal work for myself. It’s exciting not only to see my own regrettable tattoos disappear and make way for new work, but to also see these same doors opened for my tattoo clients. No one should have to live with the dumb choices one makes as an 18 year old.”

-Kelly Doty

The Helheim Gallery


“Having laser before a cover up expands a clients spectrum and options for cover up ideas. Lightening the tattoo makes it easier for the artist to also mask the original image while creating a whole new piece.”

-Justin Buduo

Studio 31 Tattoo

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