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Back Tattoo Removal Before and After

Back Tattoo Removal Before and After | 6 Sessions

This client came to our New York City location with the desire to remove two back tattoos, The featured before and after was completely removed within 6 treatments. Similar to many of our clients, when he started he was unsure if he wanted full or partial removal.

No need to choose right away

A challenge clients who come to The Finery NYC face is not knowing whether their ideal outcome of the tattoo removal process is full removal or lightening for a coverup tattoo. Typically the only hard fact they do know is that they no longer want the tattoo that they have. This client found himself in the same position; he was not opposed to a new tattoo or having his clear skin back. Luckily laser tattoo removal is the right choice when either of these two options is involved. When treatment is performed at The Finery, the goal is to remove as much ink as possible at every single session. What this means is that regardless of the endpoint, we are going to get you there as quickly as possible.

Same body, different results?

After treating both tattoos a total of 6 times (take a look at the before and after image), the back tattoo achieved full removal whereas the ankle tattoo will still need a few more treatments. This is largely in part to the scar tissue present in this clients ankle tattoo.

Tattoo Removal CHALLENGE | PreExisting Scaring

The back tattoo is well within 95% removal, so why didn’t the ankle follow suit? The main reason in this client’s instance was scar tissue. While the back tattoo was clear of scar tissue, the ankle was not. When scar tissue forms after the tattooing process, the ink within it can become encapsulated. This means that even though the laser is breaking it down, the body has a difficult time absorbing and digesting it. To combat this issue we offer Micro-needling treatments, which this client is utilizing. The micro needling treatments will create mechanical channels for the ink to escape from, while improving the appearance of scar tissue.

How to remove a tattoo?

This client utilized our T2 method of tattoo removal in our Manhattan office. This method of removal uses both q-switch and Picosecond lasers. The combination of these two allows for fast and easy removal of even the most stubborn tattoos. In this instance the Revlite SI was used first, to penetrate to the deepest layers of the tattoo. After that, the Picosure was used to break the already small pieces of ink into even smaller sizes to give the body a greater chance of full removal. The use of both lasers allows The Finery to utilize both photothermal action and photoacoustic action.


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Camilla’s Story

“The evening after my treatment my face looked and felt so much better. The next day it was glorious! My skin looked tight, my pores were super tiny, and my acne dried up. Even some irregularities and unevenness was pretty much gone. I think I look five years younger. I’ll definitely be doing it again next month.”

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