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Facial Tattoo Removal Results- Before and After

Facial Tattoo Removal Before and After Tattoo Removal in 2 Sessions

the finery Boston tattoo removal case study – before and after

Teardrop tattoos are becoming increasingly popular to remove. In the years that The Finery INK Program has been around, we have removed countless teardrop tattoos.

What does a teardrop tattoo mean?

The teardrop tattoo has a number of meanings most people associate it with prison tattoos, murder, gang affiliation or the loss of a loved one.

Life beyond prison

This Client came to The Finery Boston INK PROGRAM after spending a portion of his adult life in prison. This teardrop tattoo is an unwanted reminder of the past, the difficulty people have transitioning back into the public is extraordinary. To get rid of this job stopper, our client’s goal was full tattoo removal as quickly as possible.

Challenge no.1 | Prison ink

A large variable in tattoo removal is the chemical composition of tattoo ink. Even in the USA, there is no FDA approval or regulation on tattoo ink. This lends to tattoo removal being unpredictable. Where some ink removes in just a few treatments, some heavier synthetic inks can take double the time than their organic counterparts.

Challenge No. 2 | AMATUER Tattoo Artists

When tattoos are applied within the walls of a prison typically they are a product of whatever the “artist” can find. here is how one guy makes prison ink.

If this didn’t make the tattoo removal process difficult enough, the machines that are used within prisons are usually homemade, with very little accuracy for the depth they deposit the ink into the skin. Usually, prison tattoos are deposited higher in the dermis than a professional tattoo. This can lead to easier removal as the laser can target the pigment more effectively.

Face Tattoo Removal Safety

Can my face tattoo be removed safely?

Safety is always the number one priority at The Finery Boston, every tattoo is treated with client safety in mind. When a tattoo is this close to the eye we first determine if we can safely apply laser energy into the dermis before agreeing to take the person on as a client.

We ensure that the tattooed area fits safely outside of our metal eye shields before starting. The Finery Bostons highly trained laser tattoo removal technicians carefully apply laser energy to the tattoo at a slow and controlled pace. Typically something this size will only take between 2-6 seconds of laser time.

This tattoo was removed in 2 treatments. Unfortunately, the photo shown is the progress after only one treatment. With such amazing results from one treatment, we feel confident that after his second treatment he reached his goal of full removal. Due to the blue Hugh of this tattoo, we chose to use our Picosure laser for his first removal treatment. The 755 wavelengths allowed for ideal clearance of the blackish blue pigment with very little post-treatment aggravation.

How does Picosure Tattoo Removal Work?

Because of the picosecond technology behind the Picosure, very little swelling occurred allowing this client to go about his normal day to day life without drawing much attention to the treatment he underwent.

The Finery Location |Boston

This client was treated at The Finery in Boston, Ma. The Finery is conveniently located near the Prudential Center and the Boston Public Library. Clients find that the Finery to be the most well-equipped, knowledgable tattoo removal facility in New England, by having the majority of picosecond and nanosecond lasers on the market the Finery is the only tattoo removal facility with the equipment to fully remove all inks from the majority of skin types.

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Camilla’s Story

“The evening after my treatment my face looked and felt so much better. The next day it was glorious! My skin looked tight, my pores were super tiny, and my acne dried up. Even some irregularities and unevenness was pretty much gone. I think I look five years younger. I’ll definitely be doing it again next month.”

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