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Torso Tattoo Removal Before and After

Tattoo Removal Before and After on Torso in 4 Sessions

Wanderlust torso Tattoo

This client came to our New York City location in hopes of having her wanderlust tattoo removed from her ribs. Many clients have souvenir tattoos that represent places that they have gone. This tattoo features the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, leaning tower of Pisa and the London Eye. Unfortunately, this client liked the tattoo but felt that the positioning on her ribs was not ideal.

Luckily this tattoo was not very dense when we began tattoo removal sessions. When first looking at this photo, you would think it was a simple and straightforward removal. If we are talking strictly about the tattoo that would be the truth!

Tattoo removal CHALLENGE | Skin type

Tattoo removal on skin type 4  clients can be a challenge, particularly clients of Asian descent. While clients can have very fair skin, others can carry much more melanin. The strange reality is that Asian skin types are the most tricky to work with when it comes to lasers, due to the unpredictability from person to person. In order to deliver the desired removal result a highly trained clinical team is important to provide effective tattoo removal.

Real client reviews

This client made a point to let us know that we stood out above the rest when she searched for “tattoo removal near me”. why? Honest client feedback and outstanding reviews. After reading through our numerous reviews she made an appointment with us and took the first step towards complete tattoo removal.  Please take a look at our tattoo removal before and after gallery for more client results.

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The T2 Tattoo Removal Protocol

This client achieved complete removal in 4 short treatments thanks to The Finery’s T2 protocol. This protocol is the combination of both nanosecond and picosecond technology. The Revlite SI (Nanosecond) is used first, to break the ink into small pieces using a larger spot size. This large spot size is important when wanting to address the deepest layers of the tattoo. After that, the picosecond laser is used at a smaller spot size to fragment those pieces even further. This creates easily digestible pieces that the body’s immune system can absorb and digest without issue. The T2 method is The Finery’s ideal treatment plan for most tattoos, especially black line work, script or tribal style tattoos.


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Camilla’s Story

“The evening after my treatment my face looked and felt so much better. The next day it was glorious! My skin looked tight, my pores were super tiny, and my acne dried up. Even some irregularities and unevenness was pretty much gone. I think I look five years younger. I’ll definitely be doing it again next month.”

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