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Tribal Tattoo Removal Before and After

Tribal Tattoo Removal Before and After

Full Tattoo removal in 9 sessions – Before and after

This client came to The Finery Boston office looking to completely remove her back tattoo. Lower back tattoos like spine tattoos, full back tattoo and wings tattoo on the back found popularity in the 90’s. Back tattoos for women and men are removed for different reasons. Our client had grown tired of this lower back tattoo and wanted a tattoo free body again.

Much like real estate, location makes a big difference when it comes to removing a tattoo, and the pain level involved. Many do not realize this, but the lower back is one of the most sensitive areas to have a tattoo both applied, but removed as well. Luckily, with the use of ice pre-treatment, and the use of a Zimmer during, we make tattoo removal as comfortable as possible without the addition of expensive numbing injections.

Back Tattoo Removal Challenge

While this lower back tattoo had been slowly fading from this clients back for about 9 years. Skin Type matters, being of Italian dissent, this clients Fitzpatrick skin type (4) was just barley light enough to remove the colors present. Black tattoo ink can be removed on all skin types, any color tattoo ink requires multiple wavelengths. Which can create hyper or hypo-pigmentation if used on a darker skin type. Because she was very close to this skin type, we had to address her removal in a less aggressive way than a client with a lighter skin type. Luckily after 9 treatments, we delivered her desired results with little to no evidence of a tattoo ever being present.

How To Remove a Back Tattoo?

While some clinics would have a difficult time removing a tattoo with multiple colors, The Finery’s Boston clinical team can tackle most any challenge presented. Having black, blue, reds, and yellow tattoo ink present makes for a tricky removal. Each of these colors requires a specific wavelength of laser energy to achieve tattoo removal. Black ink typically responds best to the 1064 wavelength. We chose to 1064 wavelength within our Revlite SI for this client to add a bit of thermal stimulation to the area. To remove the stubborn blue tattoo ink we used the Picosure. The Picosure 755 alexandrite wavelength and picosecond pulse duration technology effectively remove blues, greens, and purples in very few treatments. Lastly, to remove the yellows and reds in this tattoo we required the use of a 532 wavelength. This wavelength can be highly effective at removing warmer tones, but also has the unhelpful risk of creating pigmentation change if done incorrectly. As The Finery has always specialized in multiple modalities for optimal tattoo removal, this tattoo did not present much of a challenge.

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Camilla’s Story

“The evening after my treatment my face looked and felt so much better. The next day it was glorious! My skin looked tight, my pores were super tiny, and my acne dried up. Even some irregularities and unevenness was pretty much gone. I think I look five years younger. I’ll definitely be doing it again next month.”

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