Tattoo Removal Testimonials

Word on the Street

Tattoo removal reviews and from the Finery clients. Our tattoo removal clients kind of…and we’re blushing…love their results. See for yourself!

Mario’s Story

Tattoo Removal and Cover Up

“I know there are numerous companies out there that perform these types of procedures, but The Finery has the best lasers. In addition, it was close to home–I know they have locations in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, and even Brooklyn. I live in Brooklyn, so it was perfect.”

Jenna’s Story

Tattoo Removal

“I love watching the progression of it. Last time I was here I even asked to look at my photos. Sometimes when you’re staring at something every day, you don’t always notice that it’s going away. One thing I’m very excited about, now that I’m not scared of lasers, is trying the skincare treatments at The Finery.”

Dana’s Story

Tattoo Removal

“You walk in and they tell you that they’ll be right with you–you never wait. Immediately after you get the laser you sit with ice for ten minutes until they check on how you’re doing. I’m back at work not even 20 minutes later.”

Jose’s Story

Tattoo Removal

“I found myself wanting winter to come so I could hide my tattoo. It was just not something I liked. Then, I talked to coworker who had his tattoo removed at The Finery and it looked amazing. I saw their positive reviews, so I decided to take the leap.”

Christine’s Story

Tattoo Removal

“Most people see tattoo removal as a painful, terrible experience. While tattoo removal is a little on the painful side, it only lasts for a couple of seconds depending on the size of your tattoo. But everyone here is fantastic throughout the whole process.”

Jaime’s Story

Tattoo Removal

“I believe The Finery helped me to succeed in my professional career. Being an architect, I want people to look at me and know that I know what I’m talking about, without prejudging me. It helped give me the confidence to be out there and have people listen to me.”