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Foot Tattoo Removal and Coverup

Syracuse tattoo removal client profile

What is one to do when old kanji is standing in the way of a new, bad-ass tattoo? They hop right in to see us at The Finery to blast the past and make room for a new beer inspired tattoo!

Mel’s Story:

Mel (@mellfire) a retired roller derby extraordinaire, came to see The Finery at our mobile studio in Baldwinsville NY at Tymeless Tattoo. Mel walked in to see us with high spirits about removal knowing she had made a mistake in the past.

“The kanji was a poor choice made when I was 19 at the beach. That tattoo is supposed to mean Mom, it more or less means Mother Earth, or so I’ve been told.”

Being in the removal business for 7+ years kanji is one of the most frequent tattoo styles The Finery sees, and we knew exactly how to tackle this mistake for Mel.

After 3 sessions using our Revlite laser Mel was able to have the tattoo faded enough to get a cover up!

 The Process

Foot Tattoo: Before Laser Tattoo Removal

Foot Tattoo Removal

For a tattoo like Mel’s the Finery uses our q-switched Revlite or Spectra laser in our Mobile Studio at Tymeless Tattoo.
Q-switched lasers are thermal based and love dark and saturated black ink. Since the kanji tattoo was all thick, dark outlines 3 sessions was the magic number to fade these for Mel’s brilliant cover up idea!
“The process is easy. It hurts like WOAH but each session is quick. Tattoos hurt so getting them removed is going to hurt as well.”

Kanji Tattoo immediately after laser

foot tattoo

Mels foot Coverup

Mel’s cover up tattoo is a work in progress by Corinne Bardorf (@anti_von_d) who specializes in custom artwork and mastectomy tattooing at Siren Studios in Syracuse, NY. Her shading and saturation of color are perfect ways to creatively cover Mel’s old kanji!

Syracuse Tattoo Removal

“I went with a hop this time around! My husband is a beer scientist at a local brewery and this is one of their logos. I enjoy beer and so does my mom, needless to say, she likes this tattoo more than the previous one!”


Depending on how well the other symbol fades on Mel’s other foot she is thinking about having another hop tattooed over that old symbol as well!Syracuse Tattoo Removal Before and After

Each tattoo is different depending on how it was applied which is why Mel is experiencing different rates of fading for each tattoo. She still sees The Finery in Liverpool, NY where we bring our mobile studio and treat at Halo Tattoo. The Finery also has locations in Syracuse at Carmellos Ink City and through Western New York in Buffalo, NY and Rochester,NY at Love Hate Tattoo.

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