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TATTOO COVERUP: serious advice from people who never want to see your tattoo again

Cover up advice

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Posted by The Finery on Monday, March 12, 2018

the Truth is:

We just want to see good work [tattoos] on happy people, gone are the days of the triple coverup 

We believe that getting a tattoo coverup is for those of us who actively avoid assuming the ranks of @snake__pit or making it onto the CollegeHumor “top 10 dumbass tattoo coverups that ex’s get when they are moving on.” At The Finery we find that more and more clients are coming in with two or even three coverup tattoos in the same spot. It is our mission to put an end to this trend.

The good news is tattoo removal technology has advanced. This allows tattoo removal facilities to lend a hand in helping artists and tattoo enthusiasts without exception! We see clients every day who use our tattoo removal services to blast away the past and make room for the new! Using laser removal to fade an existing tattoo provides artists a more workable canvas, giving tattoo clients the freedom to get the tattoo you want and not that tattoo you need.


Build a Base: lose the angles 


To date, laser tattoo removal is the safest alternative to fade old work. Rather than drowning the old tattoo with more ink just to get a workable base. Your tattoo artist can produce the best art when they have no restrictions. Asking a tattoo artist to cover up a tattoo which isn’t faded with laser tattoo removal beforehand is imposing creative restrictions. The most prevalent reason that someone comes to laser a tattoo before a cover-up is to alleviate the restrictions caused by the existing tattoo. By educating the client that laser treatments are a benefit. By recommending laser tattoo removal tattoo artists are making a conscious effort to ensure that the end product will be something both they and the client can be excited about and something that represents the artist’s true talent.


Partner with a pro: Don’t compromise 


At The Finery, we have partnered up with over 28 tattoo shops in the Northeast proving that the process of laser tattoo removal is worth the time and effort for both artist and client. “Everything from the detailing, color saturation and texture can be hindered by the presence of old work. In rare cases, a cover-up is totally impossible without drastic measures like full blackouts.” Says Jeff Burt of Pleasure and Paine Tattoo in Taunton, Massachusetts. “at the end of the day working over something that has been faded makes it easier on [the artists] and the person getting tattooed. It really is the best solution.” Even in cases of heavy and dense tattoo cover up work.  The Finery has seen clients where this method was not successful.


Clem Onojeghuo

“We have a lot of people who come in and are upset with their cover-up. Because the old tattoo is coming through the new work after only a year or two.”

The Finery owner Carmen Brodie says that  “This is really sad because clients spent money to get something new. Now we have to laser through the new tattoo coverup first and then work on removing the old one as well.”


Build a tattoo coverup dream: start with an idea


So where do you begin? If you’re looking to get a cover up having an idea of what you want to put on your body is key. “We always recommend talking to a tattoo artist about your cover up. Before we even start the removal process.” informed laser technician Brittany Delgado. “That way you know if what you want can be done over your old tattoo. We can work with you and what the artist has told you to reach the desired level of fading for your new work!” Each tattoo is different, just as each removal process is different. In most cases, The Finery recommends 3-6 sessions to fade a tattoo before a tattoo cover up.  It is also essential to show the fading progress to your tattoo artist. most artists like to work together with you in crafting the new piece and know when to stop laser sessions.

For a lot of people, the love of tattoos remains strong. Even if they do not like the original work they chose. To ensure you are thrilled with your new tattoo, it is best to do away with as much of the old ink as possible. Laser tattoo removal sessions can help you get there! We see cover-ups as a form of improvement, not a method of concealing!

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