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We make tattoo removal achievable with affordable monthly payment plans that don’t break the bank.

Thats not all…

If you chose to finance a full tattoo removal package we will guarantee our work.

What that means is that if we exceed the number of tattoo removal treatments we quote you we will give you free tattoo removal for one year.


We need to review your medical history and see your tattoo in person. We can set up a free consultation by…

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What the quote process looks like

Find out how affordable tattoo removal can be by requesting a free consultation. The best way to see how affordable tattoo removal can be is to come into a Finery office or mobile tattoo removal center near you. We will evaluate your tattoo removal project and review your medical history to offer the best possible recommendation. We then review the payment process clients can opt to pay per treatment which is advantageous if the ultimate goal is fading the tattoo for a coverup. Full tattoo removal clients find that the guaranteed tattoo removal payment plan is the most affordable tattoo removal option.

How does tattoo removal work?

Laser Tattoo removal works due to the reaction between the laser and the tattoo. The laser is attracted to the pigment in ink. The ink particle is too large for the body to break down on its own so the laser breaks down the ink particle so your body can absorb and eliminate the smaller tattoo particles. Overall, general health is what determines the rate at which the body eliminates the tattoo.


How many sessions will I need for tattoo removal?

Tattoo removal takes an average of 8-10 treatments to remove a tattoo entirely. However, in some cases, it may take up to 16 treatments to see a final result. We will need to evaluate the tattoo and a medical form to determine the number of tattoo removal sessions necessary and guarantee results.


The average time between sessions?

The body takes time to physically heal and remove the broken down ink. Visible healing takes up to a week typically clients take six to eight weeks in between sessions to ensure complete ink particle removal between every treatment.

Why is interest-free financing more affordable than care credit?

Insurance does not cover tattoo removal as an elective procedure.

Clients find breaking down payments monthly over the full course of sessions beneficial because no interest is incurred and no credit check is required. With care credit and other health care financing options, interest rates may vary and often end up representing a significant future cost.


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