Tattoo Removal Pre-Treatment and Aftercare

Ultimately, our lasers don’t remove your tattoo—your body does. Since your immune system is in control of the process, here are a few simple lifestyle choices you can make to help speed things up:

Diet And Exercise

Exercise regularly, eat healthily, and stay hydrated.

Drugs And Alcohol

Do not drink to excess, smoke, or overuse caffeine.

Sun Protection

Avoid prolonged sun exposure; use sunscreen with at least SPF 40 and twenty percent zinc content.

Post-Treatment Care

Clean the treatment area daily with cool water, covering with a non-stick sterile bandage if necessary.

Stay Cool

Avoid hot water, including swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas.


If you develop blisters larger than the size of a dime, use a lancet to poke small holes at the base, letting it drain and keeping the area clean; do not pick or scratch the affected area.

While aftercare kits are given after your first treatment if you can’t get enough, contact us to purchase another.

text 857.284.4805 or email us anytime with questions about your aftercare.