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Laser tattoo removal has been FDA approved for roughly twenty years. Significant progress both clinically and technologically have been implemented to make the treatments both safe and effective. As a pioneer in picosecond technology, The Finery has developed groundbreaking protocols to provide clients with safe and effective treatments.

Tattoo removal is not one size fits all; successful removal depends on multiple variables. While it’s fairly complicated here’s how we break it down.



Watch the three main components of tattoo removal

Treatment Factor Selector Tool

  • Body

    Overall health is one of a variety of factors in how fast your tattoo can be removed. Here are a couple of others.
  • Your age helps determine the rate of ink loss. Overall, the older you are the more challenging it is for your body to eliminate the ink. That’s not to say that if you are over sixty tattoo removal is not for you, it’s just going to take a little longer.

    How old are you?

  • Melanin, melanin, melanin... Skin tone matters! And we use something called the Fitzpatrick scale to determine the amount of melanin in your skin. The more melanin, the more challenging colors like red, green, and blue will be to remove.

    What skin type are you?

  • Tattoo removal relies on a healthy immune system. In most cases autoimmune conditions don’t prevent clients from receiving treatment but may pose a challenge.

  • Overall health helps to promote an active metabolic rate, speedy ink loss, and rapid healing, which one are you?

  • Ink

    Every tattoo is different, but we do our best to determine ink loss by using these variables. Does your tattoo have what it takes to get gone?
  • The more superficial and dispersed the ink is, the fewer passes the laser will need to breakdown the particles. Heavy lines and fully saturated fields of ink have more substance so they’ll take longer.

    So what does yours look like?

  • The Finery offers full spectrum tattoo removal meaning that we remove the majority of colors with the exception of white. What colors do you have?

  • Your body can only remove so much ink at a time.

    How big is your tattoo?

  • Sometimes a tattoo can create scarring during application.

    Is your tattoo raised or discolored?

  • Technology

    Don’t worry about the specifics. Leave it to the experts. The Finery has a proven protocol using both Pico and Nano second technology.
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    Submit your answers and a photo of your tattoo for our experts to evaluate here. A customized evaluation will be sent to your inbox.
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