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PICOSURE Tattoo Removal

industry leading Picosure experience

The Finery leads the tattoo removal industry in Picosure laser experience. with over 25,000 Picosure tattoo removal treatments performed.

When you’re ready to have a tattoo removed, you want to make sure the removal is performed by the best in the business. When it comes to Picosure tattoo removal, there are two aspects that need to be addressed.  The first is the technician’s expertise. The second is the equipment quality. The Picosure is the tattoo removal industries go-to tool for removing difficult blue, green, and purple ink.

What is Picosure?

The Cynosure PicoSure laser is the gold standard in tattoo removal that focuses on blue, green, or purple ink removal and one of the reasons why The Finery leads the industry. This cutting-edge laser creates an intense photothermal impact that not only spares the skin high thermal damage but also provides better color removal with fewer treatments.

HOw Does Picosure work?

With the PicoSure, we can tailor our treatment to specific areas of the skin. The 755 nm true Alexandrite wavelength uses photoacoustic pressure wave technology to break down the ink pigments into crystallized particles that are 100 times smaller than most other traditional tattoo removal lasers. Breaking tattoo ink down makes it easier for the body to pass through the lymphatic system and disappear from the skin. The Alexandrite produces a true 755 wavelength which is needed to break down colors. The Picosure is the only laser on the market that has such a wavelength. This makes it the very best machine on the market for removing blue, green, and purple ink.


How many sessions does picosure tattoo removal take?

Tattoo removal takes multiple sessions regardless of the tattoo removal method. Depending on tattoo saturation, location, and overall health th PicoSure, our clinical team is able to completely remove stubborn tattoos in as few as four to eight treatments.  The laser is also much less damaging to the skin than other lasers, our clients have found that even the toughest tattoos that have resisted removal in the past respond amazingly well to the PicoSure. Even recalcitrant tattoos (those that have been treated more than ten times with no visible result to the naked eye) can be addressed with the Picosure. Traditionally, Q-switched nanosecond lasers have been used to treat recalcitrant tattoos with little to no visible results.


Is Picosure Tattoo Removal Painful?

Tattoo removal does have a degree of discomfort. However, as compared to other means of tattoo removal Picosure has a faster pulse duration, therefore, it relies less on thermal and more on photoacoustic energy to breakdown the ink. This means that less heat is transferred into the skin and healing is faster.

Most clients who use the Picosure laser do not find pain management necessary. The FInery uses ice and cool air to minimize client discomfort during tattoo removal treatments.

How much does picosure tattoo removal cost?

Picosure tattoo removal typically costs anywhere from $100 to $500 a session. Cost is determined by size keep in mind that the maximum area that should be treated in one session is about the size of a piece of printer paper.

Find out what PicoSure costs for you | HERE


What Colors Can the PicoSure Remove?

Curious about which colors the PicoSure laser can remove? Here are some common questions and their answers.

Can PicoSure Remove Black Ink?

We have found that PicoSure removes black ink effectively. However, dense black ink sometimes responds better to our 1064 lasers like a Picoway, Picoplus, Spectra or Revlite laser in the beginning stages of removal. 

Can PicoSure Remove Red Ink?

Red tattoo ink is broken down best by a true 532 wavelength. This is found in the Picoway, Picoplus, Revlite and Spectra lasers.  The Picosure is a 755 causing it to be less effective on red tattoo ink. The Picosure offers both a 1064 and 532 handpiece that we have determined not to be very effective with this laser. Handpieces are generally less effective on any laser and this laser is no different. Therefore, we’ve found that Q-switch lasers or the Picoway produce greater results when it comes to removing red ink.

Can PicoSure Completely Remove Resistant blue and green ink?

Most 1064 lasers have a difficult time removing blue, green and purple tattoos. At The Finery, our experts have found that the PicoSure completely removes these colors in fewer sessions than any other wavelength of laser in the tattoo removal market. With this new technology, we’ve found that colors we’d previously thought of as resistant are now often more easy to remove than black ink.


The FInery PicoSure Tattoo Removal Process

At The Finery, we have successfully used the PicoSure in more than 25,000 annual treatments since incorporating this laser into our clinics in 2014. When coming into our facility for a PicoSure treatment, we advise our patients to wear loose-fitting clothing, especially over the tattoo they want to be removed.

The client will either sit or lie down (depending on the tattoo location), numbing ice will be applied to the area, and the technician will begin treating the area with the PicoSure laser. Appointments typically take around 15 minutes to half an hour depending on the size of the area being treated although the Picosure treatments themselves only last an average of a minute.

Patients report some discomfort during treatment, though this is usually less intense compared to other lasers. After the treatment is over, you will be advised by The Finery experts on how to care for the treated area and when you should return for your next treatment.


Healing from a PicoSure Tattoo Removal Treatment


Healing from a PicoSure treatment typically takes around fourteen days. During this time, you will probably notice minor swelling and redness in the treated area between the first and third days following treatment. You may develop itching, burning, blistering, or mild skin discoloration during the healing process, all of which is normal. 

Keep in mind that treatment with the PicoSure causes less damage to the skin than other lasers and that the healing process should be shorter and less uncomfortable than it would be if you had undergone a removal with a different type of laser.

After treatment, The Finery staff will recommend keeping the area cool and dry for 48 hours. We do not recommend covering the treatment area as it traps heat and can lead to blister formation. We also suggest the clients avoid exertion for 48 hours as the rise in body temperature can also lead to blisters and other complications.

If scabs form, you should avoid scratching, rubbing, or disturbing the scabs until they fall off on their own approximately ten to fourteen days after treatment. If you have any concerns about the treated area during this time or if you feel the healing process is not proceeding as it should, call our offices, and we can provide advice or answer any questions.

Though tattoo removal with the PicoSure is fast, effective, and creates minimal damage to surrounding tissues, we want our clients to understand that no tattoo removal process is without discomfort. We believe in our technology and encourage you to choose a professional clinic that uses the newest and best lasers when making your tattoo removal decision.

PicoSure vs. PicoWay

Many of our clients have also heard of the PicoWay laser, and we often get asked which one is better for tattoo removal. However, the answer is not a simple one as the PicoSure treats some tattoos better, and the PicoWay is more effective in other cases.

The PicoSure has a 755 nm wavelength, which is best used to remove green, blue, and purple ink. The Candella PicoWay, on the other hand, has a 1064 and 532 wavelengths that more effectively targets black and red inks. As a full-service clinic, we often use multiple lasers to treat one tattoo, giving the client the best results possible. When searching for “PicoSure or PicoWay near me,” make sure you only consider clinics that offer both lasers.


Picosure Specs

Comparing lasers is part of how we offer outstanding tattoo removal results.  We have developed a simple comparison of how Picosure, Picoway, Picoplus and various q-switched lasers stack up.  if you would like to compare laser specifications

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