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“I knew from a very young age that I was going to be covered in tattoos.”

Jordan’s Story

Jordan started getting tattooed at the tender age of 15. At 27 years old, 85% of their body is covered!
We had the pleasure of meeting Jordan on our mobile run, where we perform laser tattoo removal in upstate New York. Jordan is a regular at Carmelo’s Ink City, and has been since they moved to Syracuse! Jordan explained to us that tattoos have always been about expression. For them, their tattoos convey emotion, history and all of the things that were and are important to them.

Check out Jordan’s tattoos in the video below! For more videos from the road, subscribe to The Finery on Youtube!

Should I Get Laser Tattoo Removal Before My Coverup?

Tattoo regret is real and common. Most people grow to regret the tattoo they got when they were an impulsive teen, some no longer identify with the tattoo that once defined them, and a large handful of people simply want to make upgrade or make room for new artwork. Whatever the reason, most of these people end up asking themselves, “Should I get laser tattoo removal before my coverup?
The answer is yes! By completely removing a tattoo or significantly fading it with a few laser tattoo removal sessions, the client and tattoo artist will have more color and design options. 


The Mobile Unit

The Finery’s mobile unit is a fully functional, federally certified, and licensed tattoo removal facility that travels to you in a van! We’ve developed a system to effectively treat clients out of office with minimal to zero footprint. The Mobile Unit currently provides laser tattoo removal in NY, PA, VA, RI and MA. Our mobile are treats clients in over 25 tattoo shops across the Northeast! No need to buy your own expensive laser equipment or hire and train technicians to provide tattoo removal. We’ve already got everything you need.


The Referral Program

The Referral Program allows tattoo artists and shop owners to partner with tattoo removal experts. We work with over 1,300 artists and tattoo studios in the Northeast to offer custom laser fading. We work with clients and artists to fade targeted areas so clients can get the tattoo they want, not the tattoo that will cover the one they have.

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