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Tattoo Removal A Brides Guide to Tattoo Removal…

For a lot of women, a wedding is the best excuse a girl could have to go all out in hopes of looking absolutely perfect for her big day. We meticulously plan every tiny detail down to the color of our pedicures, so it is no surprise that if you have an unwanted tattoo, you have thought about tattoo removal. Challenges begin to present themselves from loving a dress that won’t cover the tattoo, to it being an ex’s name, brides have a million different reasons to seek removal. The only question is, what look are you going for? Many women rock tattoos on their wedding day and look stunning, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. If you seek the more classic bridal look, removal may be for you.

Getting all of the facts
After you have decided removal is right for you, it is time to get the facts. Tattoo removal is a process, not magic. It is important to go to your consultation with an open mind and listen to what your tattoo removal technician is telling you. Tattoo removal does take multiple sessions over a period of time. Your technician will give you realistic expectations or what the outcome will be, as well as how long it will take you to get there.

While planning your tattoo removal may not be as complicated as your seating chart, it is important. Removal typically takes around 12 – 18 months. This means if you have set the date, it is time to start tattoo removal as quickly as possible.

Setting realistic expectations for yourself
Because tattoo removal is different for everyone, it is important to set the proper expectations for yourself. Your tattoo is entirely unique to you, and your removal will be the same way. Some tattoos are a breeze to remove whereas others are difficult and take extended periods of time.not-good

Do not rush the process
Removal takes time; Sessions are spaced at a minimum of 6-week intervals. Once the laser had broken down the ink, your immune system then removes the particles, much like it would remove a cold or allergen. This takes the body a full 6 weeks. If you are to come in before this point, it can damage the skin, as well as lead to less effective treatment. This will not only hurt your skin but also your wallet.

Considering a makeup
If you have found yourself with less than the appropriate amount of time needed for complete removal before the big day do not fret! A lot of the time a makeup artist can cover the tattoo with a smudge proof concealer after it has been lightened by removal.

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