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Everyone has their own reasons for why they want to remove their tattoos. Some people get a tattoo and instantly regret it. Others have deep emotional reasoning behind their tattoos that they don’t want to be reminded of any longer. Whatever the reason, we work to #blastthepast and get rid of these tattoos.

While each tattoo we see is unique, there are several types of tattoos we see walking through our door with the hopes of removal. Here’s a list of the 5 most commonly removed tattoos:



The most frequently removed tattoo we see is the name tattoo. Whether it be a former boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse, or even your own name, name tattoos seem to be the most commonly regretted. Luckily, since most of them are smaller and in just black ink, they won’t be too difficult to remove.

Face Tattoos


Another common type of tattoo we see is the face tattoo. These tattoos can often hinder people from getting the job they want, as well as being a constant reminder of their past. Tataway offers our INK program which provides FREE tattoo removal on the hands, neck and face of those who were formerly incarcerated, former gang members, survivors of human trafficking or former sex workers.

Hand Tattoos

We often see a lot of tattoos on the hands and wrists. These can also sometimes prevent people from getting hired. These are often smaller, but a little trickier to remove because of their location.

Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos were very trendy a few years back, but now we see many people regretting them. These are typically a bit larger but can easily be removed.

Foreign Symbols/ Words

It’s very common to see people wanting to remove their tattoos that are in a different language. Another past tattoo trend, people often find that their tattoo doesn’t mean what they thought it did, or just aren’t a fan of the trend any longer. This is another easier tattoo to remove as they are generally small in size and plain black ink.

While there are a few very common types of tattoos people frequently want to remove, we see something new every day. Everyone has their own reasons for getting their tattoos and their own reasons for wanting to remove them. Does your unwanted tattoo fit into one of these categories? Call us to learn more about the removal process at 857.284.4800.

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