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When we first bumped into Ron Russo (Ron570) at Paul Booths palatial Last Rites Tattoo Theater in Manhatten. We had no idea that we would be working with tattoo artists the way we do today. We had just opened our second location then “Tataway” on Park Ave in Midtown Manhatten. The Finery had built a strong relationship with tattoo artists around New York City and Brooklyn, and we were looking for our next step. The laser tattoo removal business has changed a bit since we first met Ron570. We did not do the volume of tattoo removal or coverup work we do today. Now we have multiple full-time tattoo removal centers and a mobile unit that travels to tattoo shops full time to remove tattoos for artists.

570 Tattooing Company

Ron Russo works at his shop in Wilks-Barre, Pennsylvania. Artistically well rounded, Ron 570 focuses on color realism or black and grey portrait work. Typically Ron’s work has horror or dark animal themes. Ron 570 began working with laser early on. When the laser company he worked with ran into some service challenges, we picked up where they left off. 570 Tattooing Company was the FIRST EVER tattoo removal guest spot we did. I remember Carmen the owner forgot the laser glasses in our office in Philadelphia, PA. I had to run back and get them while she waited, what a mess.

TATTOO REMOVAL: Coverup Tattoos

Mobile laser tattoo removal is challenging to provide for tattoo coverup clients. Let’s face it when Ron tells a coverup client that they need to get some laser tattoo removal prep. The client doesn’t necessarily do backflips. It is understood that laser helps to break down saturated areas of ink and angles. Most clients find that time is the most challenging tattoo removal prerequisite. Laser tattoo removal takes multiple sessions based on your tattoo depth and density. Removal sessions are spaced six weeks apart sometimes longer. Giving your skin the proper amount of time to heal is critical.

Tattoo removal takes time

We adjust our protocol for every tattoo removal client according to their goals. We want to leave the skin in the best condition for a new tattoo. Our primary objective is to get the optimal tattoo removal results in the shortest amount of time, safely. We have also developed a tattoo removal supplement that helps your body detoxify and eliminate the ink quickly and efficiently. Most clients have given positive feedback about our tattoo removal process for coverup tattoos.


Ron has been covering our laser work for over 3 years. His Tattoo coverup clients that stick to the tattoo removal process claim that their new work is worth the wait. Follow him on Instagram @ron570tattoos 



Linda came in with a fully saturated Iron fence themed black armband tattoo that featured the silhouette of two cats and a Cheshire cat on her shoulder. We performed four sessions spaced out every 6-8 weeks.

RON RUSSO COVERUP TATTOOFading for a coverup tattooCoverup tattoo by Ron 570

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