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Does it hurt? Is it painful?

There is no sugar coating it; Getting tattoos applied and having them removed hurts!
There are areas of the body that are more painful than others. Areas that are more bony (neck, ankle, finger) will generally hurt more than areas with more fat (arms, thighs, buttocks). Treatments on areas near or on top of joints can also be particularly painful.
It is important to keep in mind, however, that pain is very individual. What seems unbearable for some might be completely fine for others. If you are especially sensitive to pain, then laser tattoo removal will probably hurt.

Which Body Parts Hurt the Most During Tattoo Application and Removal?

    • Joints. The inside and outside of your knees and elbows are going to hurt while they’re being tattooed and also during recovery time. Think about how many movements require the use of your joints; you’ll definitely experience post-tattoo pain while you’re healing.
    • The area around your armpit.
    • The ribs and sternum. Rib tattoos are considered to be some of the most painful and difficult as the natural movements of breathing can be hard to navigate and because of the added sensation of the needle on the rib bones.
    • Anywhere on your head.
    • Fingers and feet. Both have tons of nerves! Not only will it be painful while getting the tattoo, but it’s also not the best decision to get tattooed here because of how much you use those body parts. Such tattoos will fade quickly, and all that pain will be for nothing.


What does the sensation feel like?

Most clients agree that laser tattoo removal is equally or less painful than having the tattoo applied. Clients liken the sensation of laser tattoo removal to that of having a rubber band snapped on your skin, or the feeling of hot grease hitting the skin. In the aftermath, the treated area feels like a really bad sunburn.
Icing the treatment area prior to treatment makes the pain more tolerable. A Zimmer machine may also be used during treatment to blow cold air on to the treatment area.


How do you manage pain in the treatment room?

Before your laser tattoo removal session, the treatment area will be iced until numb. We don’t use injectables or local anesthetics because they take a while to kick in. Numbing creams don’t reach deep enough into the skin to be effective. Ice is the most effective and efficient way to cool and numb the skin before and after treatment.
During the session a machine called a Zimmer may be used to blow freezing air on to the treatment area. This ensures that clients stay cool and comfortable after the initial icing.


How long will it take?

On average, treatments take about 3 minutes to complete. Most people have no trouble sitting for the entire session.


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