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Salem, MA, 01970, United States
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The Finery Studio Salem is a convenient Massachusetts location that provides safe, fast and affordable tattoo removal on your schedule. Appointments generally take less than half an hour and we make sure that you never wait for more than a few minutes.  We perform more than 20,000 laser tattoo removal procedures per year. To make the process easier for you, we also offer interest-free financing and tattoo removal guarantees.

PLEASE NOTE: The Finery Studio Salem is a Q-Switched only studio specializing in fading and removing tattoos for cover-ups. This location does not offer all services of a Finery center and does not offer the PicoSure laser or the T2 protocol. If you are interested in completely removing your tattoos and have green, purple or blue ink please consider one of our full spectrum facilities located on South Street in Boston, MA, NYC, or Philadelphia, PA.

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Testimonials From Salem

  • Every appointment that I’ve had so far has been wonderful! The office space and staff are extremely welcoming. Dayna has done my treatments and she always makes me feel comfortable and explains the process. Highly recommend!

    Casey Farrissey Avatar
    Casey Farrissey

    Great experience here! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and transparent about the process. I’ve been getting treatments for about a year and am satisfied with the results so far. My tattoo has faded significantly and my progress is on track with what I was told from the beginning. I highly recommend The Finery!

    Rebecca Sears Avatar
    Rebecca Sears

    Just finished my 4th session with Dana and Marco at The Finery's mobile studio at Powerline Tattoo in Cranston, RI. My tattoo is almost completely gone and I'm 100% sure that by the end of treatment it will be as though I never had it in the first place. These guys have done an amazing job, it's always quick and hassle-free every time; there's no doubt in my mind that I picked the right place. Good people and great service. The finest.

    jacob Avatar
  • Marco and Dustin are awesome!! Great customer service, informative and friendly.

    Mark Miller Avatar
    Mark Miller

    They offer exceptional service, and dayna is very patient and skilled in what she does. She makes this experience as pleasant as it can possibly get. I’d highly recommend the finery for any of your tattoo removal needs.

    Michael canada Avatar
    Michael canada

    Highly recommend this place if you’re looking to get a tattoo removed. I’ve been a client for about a year now, getting a few tattoos lasered for get covered up and the results I’ve gotten are amazing. If you want a safe and effective way to get those tattoos removed you should contact them. Along with the great results, they have the most amazing staff. There’s a reason I’ve been coming for a year, they know what they’re doing! I’ve tried other tattoo removal spots in the past and this place is hands down the best. Do yourself... read more

    Daray Hill Avatar
    Daray Hill
  • This was my first tattoo removal treatment session. I felt well informed about the procedure and what to do and expect following the procedure. Dustin & Marco are absolute professionals. I felt very comfortable the whole time, I was very satisfied with the knowledge and experience and the result from the first treatment.

    Stephen Besner Avatar
    Stephen Besner

    The facility is clean, comfortable and inviting. My esthetician, Dustin, was amazing! He is knowledgeable and friendly, explaining the process every step of the way so any anxiety melted away. I was referred thru another provider who had somehow messed up my appointment booking but he was very helpful and accommodating by fitting me into his schedule not only for a consultation but even for a treatment!

    Michelle Kuminski Avatar
    Michelle Kuminski

    If you're in the market to get a tattoo removed, I highly recommend choosing The Finery! I have a very big, very dark tattoo on my back that I was just never satisfied with. It's primarily black but there are hints of red, white and yellow in there too. Dustin has now completed 3 sessions and I cannot believe how much has already faded. All of the shading, which surrounded the tattoo is now gone. I can't get over it. I can't lie and say this is a painless process because the laser definitely hurts, but it's worth it. Marco... read more

    Lauren Rubin Avatar
    Lauren Rubin
  • Extremely professional! Dustin and Marco both have a great bedside manor and take care during the whole process. Will answer any questions in super detail. Definitely recommend!

    Bam Maslar Avatar
    Bam Maslar

    I've had a handful of treatments so far to fade this horrible NY Giants tattoo and I've been pleased so far with the results. My technician, Anna, has been great. I've heard horror stories about how painful it is and, while it doesn't tickle, it's not as bad as I thought it would be (it's tolerable!). Of course mine is pretty small...if it were a bigger area it might be a little more brutal, so I would probably suggest breaking it up into sections. But overall, so far it's been great and the staff is super friendly. Highly recommended!

    Matthew Belitz Avatar
    Matthew Belitz

    Marco, Dustin, and the whole Finery staff have been making this whole experience a great one! They are straight forward and honest about the whole process. I started with one tattoo removal last year and onto a second, a third will follow.

    Kayla Bessette Avatar
    Kayla Bessette
  • When I called the finery originally to get information, the woman I spoke to was so sweet and helpful. After talking to her I knew this is where I wanted to get my tattoo removed. Then I met Marco and Dustin and they were phenomenal. Both of them were so knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. I’m healing wonderfully and can’t wait for my next appointment in October!

    Cortnie Crouse Avatar
    Cortnie Crouse

    I had a great experience with the finery in Saratoga springs at the needlewurks location. Marco is very accommodating and a big help!! I’ll always chopse the finery in the future :)

    Hannah Corrigan Avatar
    Hannah Corrigan

    I had been told about Finery after having a *not so fun* experience with a different removal company, by my tattoo artist. I had heard Finery was leagues above the rest, so I booked an appointment. I had a lot of anxiety because, as I said, bad previous experience. Upon entering the shop, I met Marco. He ran through the process with me and was super warming. I felt my anxiety lift as he assured me that the process would be lightning quick. He introduced me to the tech, Anna, and she ran through some medical questions. After assessing my... read more

    Amelia McMillan Avatar
    Amelia McMillan

Tattoo Removal Process at The Finery in Salem


Our tattoo removal session in the Finery Office Salem begin with an in-person consultation with the client. In the course of the consultation, our specialists will examine the tattoo and also explore the clinical process required for the removal. To determine the appropriate treatment plan requisite for you, we will also evaluate your medical history and your treatment expectations.

what number of SESSIONS do you need to remove your tattoo?

You need about 8 to 10 sessions to completely remove your tattoo. But the exact number of session you need will depend on your overall health as well as the make-up of your tattoo. If you are looking for tattoo fading for cover-up tattoo, it might take two to four sessions. But again, this depends on the technique employed by the artist and your cover-up piece requirements. To offer you the best tattoo removal service, we collaborate with a lot of tattoo removal services in Salem. Our tattoo removal sessions might take a maximum of five minutes per session but each session will be spaced by about six to eight weeks.

what laser tattoo removal process is recommended for me? what is laser tattoo removal?

You can learn more about our laser equipment and the right laser technology for tattoo removal and tattoo fading during our consultation with you. We break down ink particles into smart particles for easy absorbability by the body for tattoo removal no matter the kind of skin you have and your tattoo makeup. We do this using two efficient nanoseconds and picosure lasers.


We take our follow-up or aftercare processes very seriously in the Finery Office Salem. We will provide you our aftercare guideline after your tattoo removal. Furthermore, we will follow you up through text messages to monitor your improvement. If you have any question or concern about our tattoo removal process, contact us through text or phone at 857-269-3965.


Our primary objective in each of our services is to satisfy our clients. Furthermore, we offer our eligible clients who commit to the full T2 tattoo removal package, a removal guarantee. In the event that your tattoo is not removed in the length of sessions we quote, we will offer you a free one-year tattoo removal.


You can know the cost for each of your tattoo removal session even before you visit our office in Salem by requesting an online evaluation. We determine the appropriate cost of your tattoo removal sessions by taking a measure of the area saturated by the ink.


The laser tattoo removal is as painless as tattooing itself but it might have a somewhat uncomfortable feeling. The tattoo removal process will feel like the snapping of a rubber band on your skin. In our Finery Office Salem, we offer fast and efficient laser tattoo removal which might take just a few minutes to be done.

Ready for efficient tattoo removal process? Contact us in our Finery Salem today!


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