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The Finery Studio Worcester is a convenient Massachusetts location that provides safe, fast and affordable tattoo removal on your schedule. Appointments generally take less than half an hour and we make sure that you never wait for more than a few minutes. If you are driving to your appointment, there is parking available in front of the shop.

PLEASE NOTE: The Finery Studio Worcester is a Q-Switched only studio specializing in fading and removing tattoos for cover-ups. This location does not offer all services of a Finery center and does not offer the PicoSure laser or the T2 protocol. If you are interested in completely removing your tattoos and have green, purple or blue ink please consider one of our full spectrum facilities located on South Street in Boston, MA, NYC, or Philadelphia, PA.

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Testimonials From Worcester

  • Extremely professional! Dustin and Marco both have a great bedside manor and take care during the whole process. Will answer any questions in super detail. Definitely recommend!

    Bam Maslar Avatar
    Bam Maslar

    Amazing and totally worth it! If you are considering tattoo removal I highly recommend this place. They are well informed, clean, and all around great experience. Donna was amazing and I will be back. Don’t worry about the “pain” everyone talks about they do a wonderful job throughout the procedure making sure you are comfortable!

    Dana Jones Avatar
    Dana Jones

    I couldn't be more thrilled with the exceptional care I've received at the Finery! Maia was amazing on my recent visit, and the results on my 20-plus-year-old heavily inked tattoo in only two sittings are just incredible! The professional, beautifully run spa-like setting is icing (pun intended) on the cake. Thank you all so much!

    Andrea Molitor Avatar
    Andrea Molitor
  • I have been working with The Finery for over a year and their customer service is seriously... Amazing! I am currently removing a huge side piece that I initially wanted to cover up in the future and after seeing the phenomenal outcome I am now thinking about fully removing it. I make sure to space out my sessions because it is a painful process but definitely worth it. I appreciate the time their crew took to work with me along the way from taking me through the process to following up with calls and making sure I was doing just... read more

    Ruth Silva Avatar
    Ruth Silva

    I went back for my fourth session on my hands. Each time it is getting lighter. The technicians always inform me by email after my appointment to tell me what to expect and ask if i need anything! Very nice place!

    Irene Whitacre Avatar
    Irene Whitacre

    This place is AMAZING. I decided to come here after my research on colored tattoo removal, and when I saw the reviews here I knew I had to make an appointment. Maia and Susan took great care of me. Maia was so honest about the process, they both made me feel so comfortable through every step, this was just my first session and oh do I plan to go back for MORE. The environment is also very clean and comfortable. I couldn't thank them enough when I was leaving. AND THE RESULTS! After one session I have seen an amazing... read more

    jennifer baichu Avatar
    jennifer baichu
  • When I called the finery originally to get information, the woman I spoke to was so sweet and helpful. After talking to her I knew this is where I wanted to get my tattoo removed. Then I met Marco and Dustin and they were phenomenal. Both of them were so knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable from beginning to end. I’m healing wonderfully and can’t wait for my next appointment in October!

    Cortnie Crouse Avatar
    Cortnie Crouse

    I've been treated at one other place, and consulted at two others, over the last couple years... Someone referred The Finery to me, so I figured I'd check it out. I couldn't be happier that I did!

    Pricing is far better than anywhere else that I went/checked out.
    Technology is far newer than anywhere else.
    The treatments are WAY faster, and way less painful than my previous experience.

    If you're like me and have wanted to have tattoos removed for years, but need the process to not interrupt your everyday life (no bandages, no downtime), then this is the place for you....
    read more

    Jay Fanara Avatar
    Jay Fanara

    This was my first tattoo removal treatment session. I felt well informed about the procedure and what to do and expect following the procedure. Dustin & Marco are absolute professionals. I felt very comfortable the whole time, I was very satisfied with the knowledge and experience and the result from the first treatment.

    Stephen Besner Avatar
    Stephen Besner
  • Thank YOU! You guys were great today, super informative and polite, incredibly friendly. Super happy with my experience today! :)

    Courtney Shaut Avatar
    Courtney Shaut

    The facility is clean, comfortable and inviting. My esthetician, Dustin, was amazing! He is knowledgeable and friendly, explaining the process every step of the way so any anxiety melted away. I was referred thru another provider who had somehow messed up my appointment booking but he was very helpful and accommodating by fitting me into his schedule not only for a consultation but even for a treatment!

    Michelle Kuminski Avatar
    Michelle Kuminski

    Best place in the world! I have been going to the finery for years and the staff in amazing and knowledgeable. You can’t beat the quality of service and the high end lasers and facials they offer in my opinion are the best in Boston and I’ve been to ALOT of places

    Sarah Mespelt Avatar
    Sarah Mespelt
  • Marco & Dustin have great customer service skills and are very professional, you won’t be disappointed working with them!

    Jacob Zucco Avatar
    Jacob Zucco

    I have been going for treatment almost a year I have never had an issue AMAZING JOB!! Dustin does a great work! Very friendly people they make you feel comfortable all around 10 star for them 😁😁😁

    Brandi Carner Avatar
    Brandi Carner

    I had an absolutely wonderful experience at the Finery. Maia Marandola was extremely thorough, welcoming and helpful in explaining everything I needed to know about the process. My tattoo looked faded IMMEDIATELY after she was done and is healing beautifully. The studio is really nice and all the staff were extremely helpful and friendly, and they've been checking up on me ever since! Can't recommend highly enough-- if you want professional, real results, go to the Finery!!!

    Molly Ruth Avatar
    Molly Ruth

Tattoo Removal Process at The Finery in Worcester

WHAT SHOULD YOU EXPECT from tattoo removal in Worcester?

Our tattoo removal service in Worcester starts with your one-on-one consultation with one of our specialists. In the course of the consultation, our specialists will evaluate what your clinical process would involve and then we will also thoroughly investigate your medical history and treatment expectations. We do these in order to come up with the right treatment plan for you.

how many sessions will my laser tattoo removal require?

The number of sessions required for tattoo removal varies from person to person. Generally, a total of eight to ten sessions may be required to completely remove your tattoo. However, the exact number of sessions for you will depend on the constituent of your tattoo and your health. If you require tattoo fading for cover-up tattoo, it might take about two to four sessions depending on the cover-up piece requirement and the technique used by the artist. To make sure that we offer you the best service, we work with several tattoo removal shops in Worcester. Moreover, each of our tattoo removal sessions takes barely five minutes and the gap between consecutive sessions could be about 6 to 8 weeks.

what laser tattoo removal process is recommended for me and what is picosure tattoo removal?

In the course of your consultation, our specialists will inform you about the laser equipment we use both for removing tattoos and for fading it. We make use of picosure and nanoseconds lasers to disintegrate ink particles into smaller pieces to make it easy for them to be absorbed by the body irrespective of the constituents of the tattoo and the type of skin you have.


Our aftercare and follow-up follow immediately after removing your tattoo using the laser technology. Our specialists will give you instructions about the aftercare processes after each session. We keep tabs on you through text messages during the aftercare process and we do this to ensure that you are healing. You can contact us either by call or text at 857-269-3965 if you have any issue or question.


Our major objective in offering our services is to satisfy our clients. That is why we do everything it takes to ensure customer satisfaction. Besides, we offer tattoo removal guarantee to our clients who opt for the full T2 tattoo removal package. In case your tattoo is not removed in the number of sessions we quote, we will offer you a free one-year tattoo removal service.


The cost of removing your tattoo using the laser technique is determined by measuring the area of your skin saturated by the ink. Although this is determined during the process itself, we can estimate the amount you will spend. You can request for an online evaluation to get an idea on the cost. The online evaluation can take place even before you visit our Worcester office.


Our laser tattoo removal process is painless. As a matter of fact, it is as painless as the tattooing process but it could pose some forms of discomfort. The feeling during the laser tattoo removal could be described as the snapping of a rubber band on the skin. However, each session of our tattoo removal process could take only a few minutes; we make it as fast and as efficient as possible to ensure the best tattoo removal results.

Feel free to leverage our effective and enhanced technology to remove your tattoos. Contact The Finery Worcester tattoo removal and Book an appointment today!

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