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The Finery partners with Love Hate to bring quality laser tattoo removal to Rochester, NY.

Love Hate Tattoo was founded in 2001 by Rochester, NY native Joseph “Jet” Diprojetto.
The team at Love Hate describe themselves as “a group of artists with a common mindset and goals”. 
Rooted in the fundamental tradition of tattoo history, Love Hate strives to stay true to their craft. Artists at Love Hate build tattoos that will stand the test of time.


My name is Joseph DiProjetto, but most know me as Jet. I have been tattooing professionally in Rochester, NY  & around the world since 1993. I specialize in bold, bright & colorful tattoos that are heavily influenced by American traditional imagery & Japanese imagery & esthetics.


I have been tattooing since 2010 and have grown up around the tattoo industry. It is an honor working next to my father Jet and some of the world’s best tattooers. I want to make a tattoo that,  will continue to tell your story forever. I am Constantly striving to better myself as an artist, everyday is a learning experience for me.


Love Hate Tattoo of Rochester, NY is one of our Mobile Tattoo Removal Unit partner shops. Our professional and courteous mobile laser technicians will work directly with your clients to bring them safe and effective tattoo removal without the hassle. The mobile unit returns every 6-8 weeks so clients stay up to date on all appointments.

Interested in working with The Finery?

The Referral Program allows us to team up with the best tattoo artists in the business, and gives tattoo artists and shop owners access to tattoo removal experts. We work with over 1,000 artists and tattoo shops in the Northeast to offer custom laser tattoo fading and removal. We work with clients and artists to fade targeted areas, opening up color and design options fir their new artwork. Give your clients the tattoo they want, not the tattoo that will cover the one they have.


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