Tattoo Removal Before and After Photos

The team at The Finery integrates state of the art laser technology with a proprietary tattoo removal protocol and unprecedented experience. This allows us to achieve remarkable laser tattoo removal results efficiently. Before and after tattoo removal photos are taken during every session. Our clients and tattoo removal specialists can track tattoo removal results throughout the whole tattoo removal process.

Real Client Tattoo Removal Results

Before and after photos are of clients who decided to share before and after tattoo removal photos and tattoo removal testimonial.

Varying Tattoo Removal Examples

Tattoo removal is a multi-session process. Clients can expect to take 8-10 sessions to remove a tattoo, our tattoo removal photos show varying stages of tattoo removal.

Tattoo Removal Results

Tattoo Removal Before and After

The Finery: quick Before and after facts

Tattoos do not fade evenly

Depending on the tattoo, Clients usually do not fade evenly. The tattoo ink depth and density determine what areas fade first. Shading and lite areas of tattoo saturation fade first, dark heavily saturated areas fade just as much but have more ink to remove so it is not as noticeable.

Skin type Maters

The Fitzpatrick skintone scale provides a numerical classification of one through six for each type of skin type. Our lasers have the widest range of wavelengths to treat the full spectrum of colors on the majority of skin types.

Coverup tattoos after laser

Most tattoo artists prefer clients who get laser before deciding to get a tattoo coverup. Clients who chose to fade before laser find that one to four tattoo removal sessions are needed to sufficiently fade for a coverup tattoo.

Coverup tattoos after laser

Coupling state of the art multi-wavelength Picosure technology with traditional lasers our tattoo removal system has successfully treated over 100,000 sessions. We are so confident that we can remove your tattoo in the amount of time we say we guarantee it. Learn more about our TATTOO REMOVAL GUARANTEE.

Advanced Tattoo Removal Equipment

The Finery uses state of the art laser equipment to break your tattoo down quickly and without adverse reaction. Learn more about OUR TECHNOLOGY

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