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Stomach Tattoo Removal Before and After

Stomach Tattoo Removal Before and After

The popularity of Belly Button tattoos or tattoos on the stomach has fluctuated in the past decade. From the infamous cat belly button tattoo and monkey belly button tattoo to the sun belly button tattoos of the 90s. Belly button tattoos are part of the tattoo culture.

Full Tattoo Removal | 6 sessions before and after

This client had a successful removal after six short treatment of her belly button tattoo using the Revlite SI Laser and The Finery T2 protocol.

What to expect when removing your stomach tattoo

One of the hardest jobs we have as a company is managing client expectation, and guiding clients in the right direction. Much like a doctor advising against diagnosing yourself with Web MD, we advise our clients to have an open mind about what laser will be best for there specific needs.

At The Finery Boston and we have carefully selected the most effective group of lasers available to provide every person with the absolute best removal available.

Is Picosure right for me?

In the case of this client, she came to us with her heart set on treatments with the Picosure. While this is yes, a fantastic laser, it was not the best for her skin type. In the case of this client, her skin tone would not support the use of the Picosure 755 wavelength, which is highly absorbed by melanin and would likely have lead to hypo and hyperpigmentation.

Instead, we suggested the use of the Revlite SI and its 1064 wavelength for safe and effective tattoo removal.

Test spots

During our consultation, we review the pros and cons of each laser. This client was not convinced that that Picosure wasn’t the best laser for her. This is when we suggest to our clients to move forward with a complimentary test spot.  A test spot is performed on a small area of the tattoo and allows us to show clients the result of one treatment. After our years of experience with multiple modalities, we are always confident that our protocol will deliver the best results with the laser we suggest.

Challenge No. 1 | Skin type

Even with careful consideration and expertise, sometimes client’s melanocytes will react negatively to treatments. In the case of this client, she did have one treatment that presented hypopigmentation. Luckily after the application of vitamin e oil, and a 12-week break from laser treatments, her hypopigmentation cleared and we were able to leave her with her natural skin tone intact, and tattoo gone.

Treatment Breakdown

This client was in search of full removal of this unwanted stomach tattoo orbiting her bellybutton, and that is exactly what she got. To deliver this result the Revlite SI was used for 6 treatments. The Revlite has the ability to deliver laser energy deep into the dermis, causing the ink to shatter into tiny particles. While Nanosecond technology is not the newest addition to the tattoo removal industry, it has proven itself as a reliable and effective way to remove unwanted ink.


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Sydney’s Story

“Basically I can look in the mirror now and see my pores shrinking. Plus, I don’t want to pick at my face anymore.”

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