Everything You Want to Know about Skincare

(But Google Couldn’t Answer)

Some of our most common questions:


How much do skincare treatments cost?

The basic cost of our monthly membership is $100. We also have a pay as you go option with one-off pricing on a number of services.

How often can I treat?

Typically once a month is sufficient.

How fast are the treatments?

Typically you’re in and out of our office within 30 minutes!

Is there down time?

You can get right back to your day! Most of our procedures have little to no down time.

Do I need to have a membership to come in?

No, not at all! You can come in whenever you want to take advantage of any treatment you want.

What percentage of results can I expect to see?

Depending on the severity of any skin issues, along with your willingness to follow our homecare regimen, will hugely affect the percentage of change you will see as a result of your treatments. On average, we see 75-90 percent improvement with 4-6 treatments.

Am I too old to see improvement?

You’re never too old!

Can I exercise after treatment?

Give it 24-48 hours without a sweat session.

Should I take vitamins to help my skin?

Yes, indeed, the skin is a reflection of what’s happening inside your body. Unhealthy insides can mean an unhealthy appearance on the outside.

How long has The Finery been in business?

We have been in business for seven years, but our technicians have decades of experience.

Are all lasers the same?

Absolutely not, different lasers address different concerns.

Are the treatments going to hurt?

In most treatments, patients experience slight discomfort. We’re results oriented, so don’t expect to come in and have a relaxing spa experience. But we aim to minimize discomfort.

When can I wear makeup?

Twenty-four hours after treatment.

What makeup should I be using after skin care treatment?

Mineral based makeup is best for the skin.